General Petraeus & His Play-Thing Paula Broadwell Bring The Links!

General Petraeus & his play-thing, Paula Broadwell

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  • Tapper

    This guy could have been President. Threw it all away for the pussy. I approve.

    • Moe


      Good one.

      Can we really blame him? He was stuck with this woman for a year in fucking Afghanistan! I’m pretty sure he banged her in the first week!

    • Fuzzy_Bear

      If this is what you can bang as a CIA director vs. getting a Monica Lewinsky as President then he didn’t throw that much away. 🙂

  • McP

    Yes he needed to be fired. When you have access to top secret information, you can’t put yourself in a position where your behavior puts you at risk for blackmail.

    Now, about the affair. Dude has the dowdiest wife I’ve ever seen. No woman has ever needed a makeover more. She’ll probably still not be hot, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement. She looks like an Amish retarded man.

  • Nookies

    It’s sad people have to quit their job over an affair. I don’t care if he’s snorting coke off of hookers tits, as long as he done is job very well than theres no problems. Once again a woman ruining the life of a man. But what else is new. He shouldn’t of resigned but instead told people to fuck off. Now she’ll make a couple million writing a tell-all book, doing TV interviews and he’s screwed..ahh women, can’t we just keep them in cages and use them only when its convenient for us?

    • McP

      But he was director of the Central Intelligence Agency with a top secret clearance. To get that, you even need good credit so they think you are less likely to fall into financial stress. You can’t be cheating on your wife when you are in his position.

      • Moe

        how can you be the head of intel of the free world & at the same time be such a dumbass?

        I don’t get it.

        it’s no wonder Wiki Leaks had its hands in the intel cookie jar—-G.P. was too damn busy fucking around to even give a shit.

        • Hahaha. As opposed to the leader of the free world in Clinton? Everyone is easily converted (and a dumbass) if you have the right triggers.

        • McP

          He’s not dumb, he just has a penis.

      • Nookies

        Nah, we just hold people like that to higher moral standards and its BS. Don’t know about the whole “black mail” shit, think its idiotic. Shes a woman, not a spy. Meaning she’d want money not top secret info. Besides, he could have her ass assassinated if that were the case LOL

        • McP

          Doesn’t matter if she’s a spy, the point is, someone could find out about it, and it’s something significant (and against CIA and military rules) he wants to keep private. So they could pressure him to give up top secret information.

          Not sure how likely it is, but he signed on to the job, he has to stay squeaky clean. The rest of us can f around all we want.

    • Dustin

      Wow, you really hate women don’t you? I agree that women can be overbearing cunts at times but men are pretty bad too, just in different ways.

    • Moe


      You can’t possibly hate women that much…right?!

      • Nookies

        I don’t hate them. I’m just more evolved than most males, and smarter. So I do not think with my dick, I can control my hormones and I do not put wimins on a pedestal. Don’t go all male feminist on me Moe.

        • bryanzee

          Nookie pls

  • Erika

    What’s even stranger is that she is married to a very good looking radiologist that doesn’t look like an old fart.
    I think there are kids involved. She is losing a lot as well. Women are so stupid when it comes to powerful men. I guess the CIA trumps MD. SAD.

    • Moe

      but could the radiologist order a drone hit your worst enemy?

      I feel like G.P. wins this one.

      • Erika

        Actually both lose (to me anyway) Whenever you have a man in “power”, you usually get an unbearable ego and are not treated as an equal. “Devote your life to me, treat me like a king…blah blah blah” Gets old…I’ve been there.

  • this is a HUGE upgrade, worth it

  • grgecdnbastard

    His conduct gives another meaning to the word “intelligence”.

  • If the fucking director of the CIA can’t hide an affair, who can?

  • grgecdnbastard

    As MCIT once wrote, the problem with athletic women is they like to ride you for 40 minutes. Even if Petraeus downed a jug of vodka and Viagra, he was lucky that she did not kill him.

  • Loser

    Exhibit A really worked on me.

    I’m happy for him

  • spanglylovesheels

    Another alleged “hero” goes down. Is there any doubt at all why we become more and more cynical as we get older? If hero’s could all just die and disappear like Jesus did then there would be more of them. Problem is they have to keep being heroes and know one can, we are all deeply flawed humans.