MIAMI: Bikini-Clad Chrissy Teigen Shoots A Commercial For Nike! OW!

Damn you, John Legend!!!

These were snapped over the weekend S.I. Swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen worked her bikini body on the set of a Nike commercial. The papz said the dude on the set was Charlie Murphy, but that looks more like J. B. Smoove. Maybe one of you bastards can confirm.

  • McP

    Flat ass, no waist, huge forehead, and an ugly face. Did I leave anything out?

    • Tapper

      Skin tone, tits and legs do a bit to balance that out, though. Maybe not enough but it’s a start.

  • very unique look, not complaints

  • Loser

    John legend is lucky, but I still think he fucked up by getting engaged

    We your dating service is the quarterly VS catalogue and annual SI swim Suit issue, why fuck it all up?!?

  • spanglylovesheels

    Love Chrissy. She is the only real reason I bother looking at Twitter. She has attitude and intelligence and she is gorgeous in an exotic way. She even knows she is not perfect and knows she has a boxy shape. But those legs are stunning and she looks like she laughs a lot and has a good time wherever she goes.

  • The only thing I like the most is her hair..everything else looks average, but definetly wouldn’t turn her down….