SHOCKING! “Skyfall” Tops Global Box-Office with BIGGEST ‘Bond’ Opening EVER

Box office records just aren’t what they used to be! Once upon a time, movies held box office records for a decade, or even a generation. The galactically massive take of movies like Star Wars, Titanic, and The Lion King was a sea-changing and defining moment in cinematic history.

Now, box office records are broken and rewritten with such frequency that it makes almost no sense to even bother taking note. And yet here we are, on another Monday, noting another surpassing of a previous record that should surprise absolutely no one: Skyfall, the latest stellar adventure in the ongoing saga of James Bond, managed to take the biggest opening for the franchise with $87.8 million in North America and $428.6 million overseas. This brings its cumulative gross to more than $518 million since it opened overseas more than two weeks ago, where it also took a record open in the United Kingdom.

Sony’s President of Worldwide Distribution, Rory Bruer, acclaimed, “It’s been a wild, fantastic ride. The holds have been extraordinary and people will want to see this film again and again.” It helps that the movie is, actually, quite excellent. Many have even crowned it the best of all the Bond movies, even though its central character is not 007 but M, played by Judi Dench.

The other movies making up the top five at the box office were the following:

2. Wreck-It Ralph: $33.1 million
3. Flight – $15.1 million
4. Argo – $6.7 million
5. Taken 2 – $4 million

Open in limited release was Steven Spielberg’s historical biopic Lincoln which earned $900,000 playing only in 11 cities. It opens nationwide in the next two weeks.