QB injuries, unbeaten goes down, a tie and the rest of Week 10 in the NFL

The NFL season is just over the halfway point and things are starting to take shape within the playoff race and there are teams that keep changing from week to week. Something that doesn’t change, and probably won’t, is that every single week there are always several players that suffer some sort of head injury. This week things got a little more serious because four quarterbacks (the money makers in the NFL) were injured and of those four, only Roethlisberger of the Steelers didn’t suffer a concussion. Michael Vick, Alex Smith and Jay Cutler aren’t exactly the poster boys of the NFL (ie. Manning, Brady, Rodgers) but they are just as important to their team as any QB in the NFL and all three suffered concussions this past Sunday. Will the NFL ever find a way to truly protect their most important assets? Everyone must face the fact that even though quarterbacks might have every rule in their favor, they are what drives the league and deserve the most protection. They are easily the most important player on the field but maybe it’s just always going to be the nature of the sport. Football is much too physical for anyone to be truly safe, even with the medical advances that we’ve seen with equipment and post-head injury treatment. Trying to protecting a football player’s head is just as difficult as protecting a basketball player’s knees or a baseball pitcher’s throwing arm.

Undefeated Falcons go down to upstart Saints: Everyone knew that the Falcons weren’t going to go undefeated during the entire season. It takes a special team during a special season to do that (2007 Patriots) but who would think that the New Orleans Saints would be the team to finally take them down? Remember these are the same Saints who started 0-4 and i’m trying to figure out if the players on the team know who their temporary head coach is. Maybe Drew Brees should just hold the title of “head coach” for now. Atlanta can point the finger in several directions but I think the biggest difference was play calling and execution in the red zone. The Falcons had a first and goal late in the 4th (also 2nd down and after were on the 1 yard line) with the chance to take the lead but weren’t able to execute. How does a team with so many offensive weapons not convert? Once again, the ’72 Dolphins share a mini-celebration.

49ers and Rams ends in a tie. Yes, a tie: It had all the makings of a massive upset. The Rams were actually going to go into the 49ers’ house and surprise one of the best teams in the NFC. There were crazy plays throughout the game but in the end, two reliable kickers weren’t so reliable and silly penalties were what resulted in a tie. No one likes a tie, no one. It seems that the NFL could find some way so that teams never tie, how ever rare it may be (last time it happened was 2008) but if two teams can’t settle a game after 75 minutes, why should they be allowed to continue? Because this is the United States and we love football! I’m a big fan of obscure scores but a tie is a little too weird, even for a person like myself.

Lingering questions from week 10: Who has the hotter coaching seat? Chargers’ Norv Turner of the Eagles’ Andy Reid? Is is FINALLY time for Tim Tebow to start for the Jets? Can I take back my prediction that the Dolphins are a playoff contended in the AFC? Are the Texans officially the best team in the NFL? Is Payton Manning the definite favorite for MVP so far this season? Lastly, is Adrian Peterson (pictured above) a robot or some sort of extraterrestrial being? Peterson’s left knee was severely injured (tore both ACL and MCL) just over 10 months ago and since then he’s recovered and is the NFL’s best running back this season. Part of me hopes that because of medical advances, tearing a ligament doesn’t mean as much time to recover for athletes. Another part of me hopes that we’ve finally made contact with aliens.