L.A.: Rihanna @ The GQ Men of the Year Party

Rihanna @ the Party; Rihanna's GQ Men of the Year Cover

After doing a borderline playboy shoot for GQ’s Men of the Year issue, Rihanna looked very subdued in a simple, yet dangerously short, red dress as she hit a GQ party held at the scandal-ridden Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. Come to think of it, the dress looked more like lingerie than actually something you’d wear to a fancy dinner party, but hey GQ put her on the cover on of their biggest issues of the year, so it was the least Rhi-Rhi could do.

The party was basically a get together of hot & rich people (mostly hot women & rich men, to be specific) so they could flex their respective muscles & possibly get some sex out of it inside one of the rooms at the luxury hotel.

In this set we’re only featuring Rihanna & her GQ Men of the Year layout. Look for all the other attendees in an upcoming post.

  • xoo

    Wow she looks amazing

  • jimbolovesmiley

    Holy crap thats the hottest magazine cover ive seen for years!

  • backwoodsman

    Granted she’s a fairly sexy being, but that GQ shoot, outside of a couple shots, leaves me limp. Maybe it’s the hair…

    She’s much hotter in some of the candids.

  • spectacular body and super sexy

  • Nookies

    wow this little slut is rocking that little red dress. Yum. Shame shes marking up her body with those atrocious tats..my god

  • bryanzee

    looking good

  • Giovanni Caldara

    OW!! I love the word ”OW” for these beauty!

  • err

    I’m not really sure why, but she really, really annoys the hell out me. *shrugs*

  • Wow, she is looking very hot