Historians Agree: Lincoln Would Be A Democrat in 2012

“Lincoln was a lawyer who had a profound belief in the conviction that government was a great blessing for humanity, and certainly wouldn’t have read Ayn Rand. He wouldn’t have had any interest.”[THR]

He may be the United States’ greatest Republican president, but even he wouldn’t want to be Team Romney. So say two of the most renowned experts on the life and presidency of Abraham Lincoln, Doris Kearns Goodwin and Lincoln screenwriter Tony Kushner. Kushner claims in a recent interview that Lincoln would definitely be a Democrat in today’s political world, stating, “He was a progressive, centrist candidate who believed in government, taxation, created the federal income tax, created the federal bank, created the draft, believed in a strong federal government and believed in equality, believed that the government had a role to play in protecting in minorities from the majority and tyranny.”

Kearns Goodwin also agrees, saying, “He also believed government had a role in helping people rise to the level of their talent in their discipline, that sort of equal opportunity role, in that sense he might find the principles of the Democrats congenial.”

What, Abe, no trans-vaginal probes on your agenda? What would the “legitimate rape” guys have to say about their historical hero? I shudder to think how they would try to “redefine” this one.