LINKS: Soon-To-Be-Severly-Injured Justin Beiber Bought A Ducati

Newly Single Justin Bieber Rides His New Ducati!

Does Uncle Usher know about this?!

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  • bryanzee

    i’d still burn this kid on my zx6r……ahh who am kidding his bike is way faster….fuck this guy =/

    • Moe

      but dude, you’re cooler, so that’s all that matters.

      he probably got that thing for free, for all we know.

      • bryanzee

        Awwwww Thanks, Moe.

        But yeah if I had his cash I would get the exact same bike, not the 848 but the 1199 Panigale R. I’m planning to sell my zx6 soon so I can get CBR1000r so I’ll be going faster pretty soon.

  • skilligan

    he’s going to die on a motorcycle soon

    • Dustin

      We can only hope.

  • Nookies

    We shouldn’t wish death on him yet guys. He’s a kid and an extreme douchebag..Which makes it very likely he has nudie pics of Selena. Let those “leak” then we can wish he breaks his neck in a crash.

    • General Whorebag

      I’m praying for a sextape dawg.

  • no one cares

    I don’t think this guy could be a bigger tryhard.. him on that bike is ridiculous he’ll maybe ride it around super slow not once getting it in the red but still think he’s killing it… I hate him… so much! I don’t want him to die or get hurt he can even keep all his ridiculous money I just want him to fuck right off

  • grgecdnbastard

    The end is near folks.

  • Lots of jealousy here. Good looking kid, has money and smashes girls you’ll never have a shot with. I’m not a fan of Beiber but I why people dislike him so much, he’s just a kid who got lucky.

    • Nookies

      For me it’s the fact he acts like a wigger and dresses like an idiot. But thinks he’s cool in the process. He tries to act “hard” even though he’s a 5’6” skinny little shit stain.

      • bryanzee

        I don’t really care how he acts tbh, my little cousins are just like him. Not jealous when he was boning Selena…..but the bike? I’m 100% Jealous of.

    • xoo

      I don’t get the hate either. Yes, sometimes he seems like an little douche and acts like a real man when all we see is a kid but hey, most boys his age are the same.

      • xoo

        opps.. a little*