NYC: Miranda Kerr & Nicole Trunfio @ “Raw Spirit – Free Tree” Fragrance Launch

Miranda Kerr & Nicole Trunfio

Pictured: Miranda Kerr, Russell James & Nicole Trunfio

Apologies for totally missing this event, but Australian supermodels Miranda Kerr & Nicole Trunfio were at the Raw Spirit – Fire Tree fragrance oil & Nomad Two Worlds foundation’s book launch event held at ABC Carpet & Home in NYC this past Monday. The store is located on 888 Broadway (b/n E. 18th & 19th streets).

The fragrance is currently available on ABC Carpet & Home website for $95, so if you wanna bag a unique scent for that special somebody on your Christmas list, look no further. Here’s more about the event, as well as the new fragrance from Basenotes:

Australia’s Nomad Two Worlds Foundation have launched a limited edition fragrance oil to raise funds for the Nyoongar community – an Indigenous Australian people who live in the south-west corner of Western Australia. The fragrance is named “Raw Spirit – Fire Tree” and is described as “a unique blend of Australian Sandalwood and the rare oil of the Australian Fire Tree.” The company say that “These smoky wood base notes intermingle with clean, fresh, almost lilac top notes and a sweet, spicy heart, uniquely adapting to each person who wears it.”

Only dead fronds of the fire tree are collected to extract the oil for the fragrance making it both an ecologically sustainable and wild harvested product.

  • backwoodsman

    Not that I’m complaining, but the odds seem a little stacked against Nicole here, what with no solo shots of her vs. Miranda’s ten. :))

  • skilligan

    how did Nicole get ANY votes?

  • Why are we comparing Miranda to a teenage boy?

    • AA24

      What are you talking about, they are both teenage boys.

      • Moe

        holy motherfucker

        you guys need to do some soul searching…

  • bryanzee

    There will never be a hotter woman than Miranda Kerr…..ever.

  • xoo

    Miranda has an odd lookin nose but she’s still very pretty.

    • lenilovesfeet

      How can people not agree with your comment, don’t they see the nose? It is weird looking.

      • err

        Yes! It’s like people always picked on Rosie’s nose, but always ignored Miranda’s.

  • err

    This is one of those days when I think Miranda’s face look like an alien’s. Those other days, most days, I think she looks heavenly as an angel. Could be bad make up or bad lighting.