Supermodel Mommy Matchup: Miranda Kerr vs Alessandra Ambrosio

Miranda Kerr & Alessandra Ambrosio w/ their baby-dolls

Both ladies were on opposite coasts of the country, Miranda in NYC & Ale in L.A., hanging w/ their baby-dolls yesterday afternoon as they worked their mojo.

Miranda Kerr was seen, once again, holding Flynn as she catwalked to Milk Studios in NYC for a photo shoot. As always, the 29-year-old Australian model was impeccably styled from head to toe, even though we’re pretty sure this is her “just-got-up-&-walked-out-the-door” look.

Her equally sexy Victoria’s Secret co-worker Alessandra Ambrosio was seen running around with her daughter Anja at a park in Los Angeles while at the same time being filmed for an upcoming interview. Anja, who turned four earlier this summer, is Ale’s first child, with her second, a son named Noah, born back in early May of this year.

Even though the poll is somewhat creepy, we’re still interested in the results. For all the horndoggs in the audience, we gotta stress that you keep in mind that you’re voting on your fantasy mom & not your fantasy girlfriend/sex partner.

Miranda Kerr on the runway @ the VS Fashion Show
Alessandra Ambrosio on the runway @ the VS Fashion Show

Miranda Kerr

  • lenilovesfeet

    I voted for Alessandra. Miranda has much better body but I like Ale’s face more and I adore Anja 🙂

    • Moe

      nice to know you closely analyze body & face when choosing your fantasy mom, Leni…

  • xoo


  • skilligan

    Miranda is the winner, Alessandra has stepped up her game immensely but still Miranda coasts to an easy win

  • bryanzee

    Of course I voted for Miranda.

    Not even a competition.

  • Alessandra

  • AnaLovesAleMiranda

    Both of course! They are my favourites, and both are by fair, the most beautiful women in the world!!!