James Franco & Ruby Modine @ 7th Annual Rome Film Festival; Ya, He Probably Got Some!

James Franco and Ruby Modine @ 7th Rome International Film Festival

That bastard!!

Between getting his three Masters, two PhDs, and being enrolled in a joint JD/MBA program at various institutions around Manhattan, James Franco needs to compromise on his sex life. What we mean by “compromise” is that there’s a 98.9% chance that he’ll bang any woman he comes into contact for more than 3 to 5 hours (so yeah, that includes co-stars, women he meets at premieres or late night promotional events—you name!). Long-story-short, if you’re a hot piece of ass & you’re around James Franco for an extended period of time, there’s a chance you’ll have sex w/ him. Being single isn’t a prerequisite, so no worries.

These latest photos were snapped earlier today as James Franco was on hand to speak during a Masterclass and Cubovision Award ceremony at the 7th Rome Film Festival. The “Planet of the Apes” star appeared alongside the beautiful Ruby Modine (Matthew Modine’s daughter?).

  • bryanzee

    I like her, gj Franco.

    She’s like sexy slim. Any more pics of her? Don’t even know who she is but she’s hot.

    • Moe

      actor Matthew Bodine’s 22-year-old daughter (IMDb)…

      • bryanzee

        I like her, and its good to see fresh faces on here of her caliber.

        moar pls

  • bryanzee

    And yeah, Moe she is Matthew Modine’s daughter(had no idea who he was) but heres a pic.

    She’s fkn hot

  • skilligan

    not a fan of that face

    • bryanzee

      but you like Sofia Vergara, who looks like a fucking Gremlin lol

      • lenilovesfeet

        If you haven’t noticed, skilligan is a boob man, if a woman has large tits face does not matter much, if she’s flat chested skilligan notices face too 😀

        • bryanzee

          So he’s a caveman basically.

    • lenilovesfeet

      Yeah, she’s not that good looking.

  • thebattleofbastogne

    Ah, can you say over-educated?

  • She was at the same Rome Film Fest with her dad, Matthew Modine. I doubt Franco “got some” with her dad there! Franco was at the same festival for one of his projects. She is an “aspiring actress” so he called her over to stand with him on red carpet to get her publicity. Her dad was there also. Don’t make something out of nothing!

    • Loser

      Father was there?!? She’s not 12, ok.

      No straight guy does anything for a hot chick without wanting to sleep with her… Or maybe the theory is completely false?

      Stop being so naive, smrgurl

      • Kylie

        I think I know why your name is “Loser”with your reply.
        Her Dad WAS there with her in Rome. He is an actor and had a film at the fest and her Twitter, she commented that she was going to Rome with her dad. Doesn’t matter how old she is, no girl is doing to have sex with a guy when her dad is around.
        Franco doesn’t need to do any favors to have sex with a girl. He’s got them lined up!
        Stop being so clueless, Loser!