VEGAS: Mariann Gavelo Lookin’ Bootylicious @ 2012 Latin Grammy Awards

Mariann Gavelo

The bootylicious Mariann Gavelo worked her big ol’ butt on the red carpet at the 2012 Latin Grammy Awards. If you recall her previous appearance on the site, the reviews were mixed given the thought that what we have there is a fake booty. If Mariann is reading this we need you to clear everything up… perhaps some photos in thongs to our personal mailbox? We want to see that booty in the flesh!!

  • lenilovesfeet

    Is this real? It can’t be, looks like butt pads.

    • spanglylovesheels

      yea its too localized. Ass spreads down to the thighs. This looks like a prosthetic. Maybe she is really board flat and is overcompensating…

  • xoo

    Looks like she cut a watermelone in two and put it on her butt cheeks.

  • skilligan

    it is weird but it still may be real

  • Erika

    Here is a pic without the butt pads. If she wasn’t arching her back, it would almost look a little flat. Women are so desperate for a round ass that they do stupid things.

  • bryanzee

    nasty ratchet hoe

  • nay
  • Ramesh

    Best sexy look girl

  • Jay

    I must applaud at the beauty that is this woman’s arse. That is a work of art, I am a brotha and I truly enjoy women who take care to get a sweet bubble ass. That is nice. Thats a sexy little chula.


    God!, she is HOTTT AND BEAUTIFUL