Daniella Monet & Victoria Justice @ Nickelodeon’s 2012 TeenNick HALO Awards

Daniella Monet, Victoria Justice

Daniella Monet and Victoria Justice, Victorious co-stars, were amongst the attendees at Nickelodeon’s 2012 TeenNick HALO Awards held at the Hollywood Palladium. Similar to CNN Heroes, the award show honors ordinary teens who are Helping And Leading Others, hence the HALO acronym. Hosted by Nick Cannon with performances by Neon Trees and Ne-Yo, look for the show to air on Monday, November 19th, at 8/7c on Nick@Nite. For more info and videos, visit the TeenNick HALO Awards website.

  • Mack Power

    While they are both HOTT with Daniella Monet being 90% and Victoria Justice being 95-100%. Their is just someting about those pic that kinda switches the % here, at least on the Halo Award pic.

  • jimbolovesmiley

    I’d like to be the filling in that sandwich, them 2 could use and abuse me all night long!

  • LaLa

    VJ is a total dime.

  • bryanzee

    VJ needs to distance herself from Nickelodeon if she wants to survive.

    • 2nd time we have ever agreed, she needs to grow up

      • bryanzee

        Hopefully Tampa starts losing so I can rub in NO’s wild card birth.

  • I picked Daniella here. Although VJ is probably the most naturally pretty and def the bigger star of the two, I like how Daniella looks here and am not so fond of VJ’s hair and shoes.

    • bryanzee

      Blasphemy, even if you don’ t like VJ’s dress/hair here picking this big headed chipmunk over her is ridiculous.

    • Mack Power

      That what I was say or at least thinking

  • Definetly a hard one to pick…but VJ takes this one, and just that I think she’s got a prettier face..

    • bryanzee

      I’ll pray for you tonight Mundo.

  • lenilovesfeet

    Nah, Daniella is far from ugly, but her face always looks like she was storing food in her cheeks, her legs are nothing special either. Victoria has even worse legs but the rest of her body and face are perfect.