Jennifer Love Hewitt Filming Lifetime’s “The Client List”

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Once again, Jennifer Love Hewitt was spotted as she took a break from filming her Lifetime TV series The Client List. Rather than going with the see-through look, Miss Love Hewitt decided to tease us with a strapless piece showing off her bountiful cleavage. What would it cost to have had someone run past her and just pull her top down, huh?? Anyway, The Client List was renewed for a second season and this time you’ll get 15 episodes. Look for the second season of The Client List sometime in 2013.

  • I’d go thru a case of chapstick before i got tired of motorboating that chest.

  • i never stopped digging her, goes back to “I know what you did last summer”

  • lenilovesfeet

    I know I’m in a minority but she’s not pretty to me.