Justin Bieber & His Mom: American Music Awards 2012 Red Carpet

Justin Bieber & His Mom: American Music Awards 2012 Red Carpet

Photo Credit: WENN

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Not that we actually give a shit or anything, but we were under the impression that he was back with his on/off girlfriend Selena Gomez? Justin Bieber walked the red carpet at last night’s 2012 American Music Awards with his mom. Now, that’s one lucky fucking mom!! God damn! Wonder what it feels like to have a cash cow as a son?!

As for Justin’s spiked shoes, we’ve seen them on another very famous musician very recently, except he owns the same shoe in two different colors.

Here’s J.Beebs workin’ the cameras w/ mommy-dearest:

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I don't hate him but I do hate the way he dresses. Plus, men should never wear earrings, it always looks stupid and feminine.

His mom is extremely short.