Miranda Kerr Made NYC’s Upper East Side 1000x Hotter All By Herself

At least for the duration of her stay.

Soon after Miranda jetted out of the neighborhood, things were back to normal: cranky, old (mostly white) people being dragged around aimlessly by their oversized, purebred show dogs & Caribbean nannies going for a stroll with yuppy babies in $5000 designer strollers. I know-I know, we’re just being stupid.

The always-stylish Miranda Kerr was seen workin’ her supermodel mojo as she catwalked out of a meeting in NYC’s Upper East Side. I can’t imagine any meetings ending badly with someone like Miranda Kerr sitting on the other side of the table. God damn!

  • bryanzee

    too much hotness ow!

  • her 1st boyfriend must be crushed he didn’t knock her up when he could have

    • Maya

      her 1st boyfriend died….

      Smh I can’t with the pervs on this site

      • Moe


        Why does everyone have to be so judgmental?

      • bryanzee

        Did he die via getting crushed? Because Skilligan can still be right, you know.

    • She was 15 at the time and I doubt either knew how rich she would become or what a world class piece of ass she would become.

      • bryanzee

        I bet she was the hottest girl in school though.

        • Tapper

          Rant begins

          Or she could have been an ugly duckling that nobody paid attention to because she was tall, skinny and had a “weird” face. Morons back then didn’t know the weird can equal iconic and they passed on the chance to befriend her from the very start. Now they are stuck with fat wives because those gals were the ones with the boobs when they were 13 or so.

          Yep, happened to my brother. This gal chased him around school and he wanted nothing to do with her. Our dad told him he was an idiot because she was going to be a superstar in whatever she pursued. She’s now this very hot physician who looks like she would never give my brother (a decent, average guy) the time of day, and he’s stuck with my porker of a sister-in-law who was hot when she was 16 but is a cow in her late 30s.

          Rant ends

  • WOW

  • lenilovesfeet

    She always looks good. Even if I don’t like her outfit it looks on her, she’s got great style.

    • lenilovesfeet

      *it looks good on her*

    • spanglylovesheels

      I agree x100

  • err

    She can make anything look good.

  • Mr. Bloom is one lucky bastard, I’m jealous..