BREAKING!! Halle Berry Digs Into Her Purse & Walks AT THE SAME TIME!

Halle Berry, appearing to have gone braless under her loose top, heads out of Cafe Med with a friend in Los Angeles.

Halle Berry, whose latest film “Cloud Atlas” is currently in theaters, was spotted going braless yesterday afternoon as she hit up Cafe Med w/ a friend in Los Angeles. Up next for the 46-year-old actress is the 2013 thriller “The Hive,” which also stars Abigail Breslin and Michael Imperioli. Plot from IMDb: “In order to save a young girl’s life, an emergency operator must confront a killer from her past.”

Also, for those of you who want to see more photos of celebrities performing multiple tasks at the same, make sure you check out our online exclusive category, AT THE SAME TIME! It’s just another reason why we’re an unnamed candidate for the 2013 Pulitzer Award in Gossip Blogging.

“Cloud Atlas” trailer:

  • I think she’s losing some appeal already, well for me anyway…

  • i want her to grow her hair out but she is still super hot

  • 1stclassarmysgt

    “Halle Berry Digs Into Her Purse & Walks AT THE SAME TIME!” All this while her nips freeze over.

    • If she is as frigid as her exes say then it is no wonder that her high beams are on.