BREAKING!! Queen of Style Miranda Kerr Lets Her Son WALK!!!

Miranda Kerr seen wearing ripped jeans and stiletto shoes while visiting the studio with baby Flynn in NYC

Since we’re sad & obsessed souls, we know stupid facts like which celebrities favor using their right foot when going down curbs or which pop star has the best mic holding technique, so it’s only natural we know which celebrity mom is notorious for never letting her son walk by himself—at least when the cameras are pointed in his direction. I think I might have seen one or two photos of the little guy walking by himself over the past year (he turns two on January 19), so it’s nice to see that Miranda Kerr has a little more confidence in her future pimp-daddy. It’s also possible that Miranda can no longer lift him up, so she’s forced to let him walk. I kinda dig how she refuses to use the stroller, which is very unlike a lot of yuppy moms who love to show off their blinged-out, $5000 designer strollers.

Anyway, both mommy & son were spotted walking around in NYC recently. Yesterday, Miranda & Flynn rocked ripped jeans as they hit up a studio so Miranda could earn a few extra holiday shopping bucks by strutting her goods for a shoot (as if they don’t already have enough holiday shopping bucks!). Earlier today, they were seen catwalking out of their Chelsea apartment—both looking equally stylish!

Here’s a closer look at Flynn’s kicks:
Flynn's Kicks
Flynn's Kicks