“Hitchcock” L.A. Premiere: Claudia Lee Is Only 16?! NO WAY!!

Claudia Lee arrives to the 'Hitchcock' Premiere at Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles

Seriously, what the fuck? What are kids eating these days, anyway? Please tell me those things were a Sweet 16 birthday gift so that Claudia could terrorize all the older dudes she meets over the next couple years.

Apologies for posting her up b/c I honestly didn’t think she was 16 when I first saw the photos. I normally try to stay away from kiddies. FUCK, I now I feel all dirty.

Anyway, we’ll cut this short & end with Claudia’s Wiki (I reallly hope I have the wrong Claudia Lee):

Claudia Lee (born June 20, 1996)[1] is an American actress, singer and songwriter best known for her costarring role of “Magnolia Breeland” on the dramatic series Hart of Dixie, which airs on the CW Television Network in the United States and on other networks throughout the world. She is also known for her recurring role as “Bridget” on the situation comedy Zeke and Luther, which airs on the Disney XD channel and the Disney Channel in more than 50 countries.

Following Circus Girl, Lee won a recurring role in season 3 of the popular sitcom Zeke and Luther, a show about a group of teenage skateboarding friends. In that series, she played “Bridget,” a waitress in a donut shop and the love interest of the character “Luther” (Adam Hicks). Currently, she has a recurring role as “Magnolia,” the younger sister of “Lemon Breeland” (Jaime King) on Hart of Dixie, a dramatic series that airs on the CW Television Network and is scheduled to begin its second season on October 2, 2012. In August 2012, Lee was cast in the role of “Brooke” in the Universal Pictures motion picture Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall,[2] which will be based on the second volume of the Kick-Ass comic book series by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. The film is scheduled for release in June, 2013.

  • she will be an attractive young lady one day

    • spanglylovesheels

      Your pious statements blow me. She is “attractive” and a “young lady” right now. Don’t worry, there are no thought police yet. The world is not yet the world in the movie Minority Report. If you find someone attractive and they are under 18 you can just say they are attractive.

  • spanglylovesheels

    She is a beautiful girl. I would see her and think she is about 26. I am glad I am not in the dating pool as I would def end up in jail…lol.

  • xoo

    She’s cute and you’re right. Looks older than she actually is.

  • i’ve seen grown women with less attractive body, this kid really looks mature for her age, but her face shows she is very young, cute and pretty already tho.

  • LaLa

    No way is she 16. I call another Courtney Stooden-esque liar.

    • lenilovesfeet

      I agree. I thought she was 22, not way she’s 16.

  • 1stclassarmysgt

    Fuck that! 16 or not, I love her!

  • jimbolovesmiley

    If she is 16 shes legal in my country, send her over please!

    • you know the saying, “If there is grass, is okay to play the match”

  • fuck she is hot! In Alabama she is legal

  • bryanzee

    I would fuck without hesitation.

  • goobi

    I’d hit that, legal or not.