L.A.: Lindsay Lohan @ Lifetime’s “Liz & Dick” Red Carpet Premiere

Lindsay Lohan: Lifetime's "Liz and Dick" Red Carpet Premiere in L.A.

Is it just me does it look like Lindsay’s face appears a little like she visited her neighborhood botox joint before hitting the premiere? Either that or she looks really stiff because she’s nervous. Regardless of what’s going on w/ Lindsay’s face, the thing we’re sure about is that they’ve really blown this TV film out of the water w/ so much useless publicity. You can tell that Lindsay Lohan is really desperate for a hit considering she’s dressed as if she’s hitting the red carpet at the Oscars, but sadly it’s just a made-for-TV on Lifetime (which makes it slightly more sad & desperate in itself).

We’d love to say that her new film “Liz & Dick” is a raging hit, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case. The sole review on the film’s Wikipedia page is by TV Guide’s Matt Roush, who’s calling it “An epic of pathetic miscasting” and “Laughably inept,” so we’ll have to see what all the women who tune in think of the film.

The film will hit TV screens on November 25 (this Sunday) and stars Lindsay in the lead as Liz Taylor & Grant Bowler as her on-screen hubby, Richard Burton.

  • It’s a shame that body wasn’t taken better care of as she could have been a really sexy woman. The body is there but who knows what has been in and on her.

    • LaLa

      Agree. What a waste. The hard life has taken its toll.Poor thing.

  • Yeah,she is disgusting now, I will admit in her prime (which for me was 2004) she was very attractive.

  • the ugly truth

    This is her last chance as a serious actress. If this movie bombs, she’ll be gone forever.

    • Moe


      You really think so?

      I feel like if this bombs, she’ll just turn up the whore-o-meter & which Hollywood director doesn’t like some freckled boobies in their next film (minor role, of course)?!

      • the ugly truth

        Yes, gone forever as a serious actress with leading roles in serious movies.
        All she will have left are crappy roles in crappy movies, crappy cameos in crappy vids of crappy artists, crappy photoshots and crappy red carpet appearances.

    • xoo

      She had her last chance as a serious actress when she did that crappy ‘i know who killed me’ movie. Nowadays she’s just a joke and people hire her when day need lots of publicity and a famous name.

  • spanglylovesheels

    Who the fuck would hire a washed up, old looking red head to play one of the most beautiful brunette actresses of all time?!

  • i’m honestly surprised she doesn’t look worse

  • Tapper

    She certainly is a mess in her daily life, but she looks really good here.

    Also, I am unashamed to admit that I am jealous of the clown who fucked her when he was in rehab with her. I would have blabbed that story to the tabloids, too. I think he was engaged at the time, but hopefully his fiance understood that he was taking advantage of an opportunity of a lifetime. Lucky bastard.

  • McP

    Hottest crack whore ever.

  • Red hair looks so much better on her than blonde. I’m not even bothered by her old looking face anymore, it’s the hands that are disgusting, she always has dirty fingernails.