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This Has Awkward Written All Over It. Ashlee Simpson Hangs w/ Her Son Bronx, Pete Wentz & his Girlfriend

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz take their son Bronx out for his birthday party with Pete's girlfriend Meagan Camper in Los Angeles. Rocker Pete wore an Iron Man mask on his head and carried a box full of props as he was seen out for the first time with his ex-wife and new girlfriend together. Ashlee filed for divorce from Pete in 2011 and the group were believed to be out shooting pictures for Thanksgiving and Christmas albums.

It wasn’t just a casual hangout, either. Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz, who got divorced in 2011, briefly reunited yesterday to celebrate their son Bronx’s birthday. The day even included a holiday photo shoot, so it was very surprising to see Pete Wentz latest girlfriend Meagan Camper also in attendance. You’d think Meagan would have some commonsense to make up some dumb excuse & not show up, but I guess Ash & Pete are really over each other & willing to do whatever it takes in order to keep their son happy. This, coincidentally, was the first time first time douchebag Fall Out Boy bassist hung out both his ex-wife and new girlfriend at the same time, but don’t expect for him to have a “ex-wife & new girlfriend” threesome anytime soon…

Life of Pi: Film Review

Visit the film’s official website!

If you’ve been a finicky moviegoer this year, wondering when the year’s crowning jewel and apex of creative achievement on celluloid is going to show up after months of mostly ho-hum middling entertainers, well, it’s here. Ang Lee’s Life of Pi is easily one of the best movies of the year (if not the best) and will surely find billions of lovers at movie screens across the world who wish to be transported to another world on an adventure like no other. This is, quite simply, the reason we go the movies: not merely to escape, but to escape to a world where we can be inspired, aggrandized, and have our best sense of self reinforced.

Life of Pi is, if nothing else, a visual masterpiece. It is a phantasmagoria of such breathtaking visual audacity and sensory distillation that the only way to accurately describe it is to see it yourself. The film critic whose writing you are reading can pile any and every superlative known to the English language upon the film and it will still fall short. This is a movie that has been so brilliantly imagined, conceived, and executed that to even call it a “movie” is a bit of a misnomer. It is, instead, a reflection of Life itself, teeming with the grand elixir of hope, longing, and death. The fact that it is produced by James Cameron and directed by Ang Lee should do nothing but excite you: the master of visual spectacle and the guardian of some of cinema’s most touching human stories (Sense and Sensibility, Brokeback Mountain) make a formidable and indomitable team.

The story begins in India where a young boy who is nicknamed Pi (as in Piscene, but really the infinite number of mathematics that we know as 3.14) finds himself on a boat with the animals from his family zoo which is in financial tatters. They are being sent away to Canada in the hope that some of the animals may find new life and admirers in a new land, and possibly be considered the treasures that they really are. The journey begins with Pi, a giraffe, an orangutan, and a tiger. After a terrible storm in the Pacific, only Pi and the tiger are left. Indeed, most of the movie is about how Pi manages to fulfill his journey with a wild tiger seated just feet away. And lest you think that this is a cuddly movie about a boy and his favorite pet, guess again: this tiger is as wild and ferocious and menacing as the seas that threaten to destroy them both. This is not the story of Pi and Simba; this the story of Pi and Death.

The second half o the film demonstrates a love for the Earth and all of its elements that will obviously strike many as a blatant bit of environmental propaganda. I say let it be so, and be glad that it is thus, for the movie also shows us how Man is but an element in the matrix of Earthly Life, and not its Master, as he is so wont to believe of himself. The story is, at its core, a demand that humanity humble itself in the face of Nature, and that the insular modern world of cities, technology, and satellite highways is but an illusion that the Earth tolerates . . . for now.

The must-see movie of 2012.

BREAKING!! Halle Berry Digs Into Her Purse & Walks AT THE SAME TIME!

Halle Berry, appearing to have gone braless under her loose top, heads out of Cafe Med with a friend in Los Angeles.

Halle Berry, whose latest film “Cloud Atlas” is currently in theaters, was spotted going braless yesterday afternoon as she hit up Cafe Med w/ a friend in Los Angeles. Up next for the 46-year-old actress is the 2013 thriller “The Hive,” which also stars Abigail Breslin and Michael Imperioli. Plot from IMDb: “In order to save a young girl’s life, an emergency operator must confront a killer from her past.”

Also, for those of you who want to see more photos of celebrities performing multiple tasks at the same, make sure you check out our online exclusive category, AT THE SAME TIME! It’s just another reason why we’re an unnamed candidate for the 2013 Pulitzer Award in Gossip Blogging.

“Cloud Atlas” trailer:

L.A.: Selena Gomez Is Now Adidas NEO’s Global Style Icon

Selena Gomez walks the neon green carpet to announce she is Adidas NEO's new Global Style Icon in Los Angeles. The 20 year-old pop star was announcing that she had signed a three year deal with Adidas to design and develop seasonal products as she posed with models at the event.

Wait a minute! Didn’t Justin Bieber land the same exact gig a few weeks ago?! This simply confirms that Selena Gomez simply rides on her on/off boyfriend’s coattails to capitalize on career opportunities. Why would Adidas need to choose Selena when they could choose a long list of other hot chicks her age?! Selena won’t admit it, but she needs Justin about 100x more than he needs her. It’s a pity he’s being a complete dumbass at the moment by thinking he’s actually in love with her.

The 20 year-old pop star was announcing that she had signed a three year deal with Adidas to design and develop seasonal products as she posed with models at the event. We’re pretty sure she won’t designing & developing anything aside from signing off on Adidas designs w/ her name behind it. Whatever the case, here’s the press release from Adidas:

As adidas NEO Label’s new style ambassador, Selena will inspire teens with the label’s fresh looks through a three-year partnership until end-2015. As well as sporting her favorite NEO looks, Selena will make appearances for the label in major markets throughout 2013 and 2014 and share NEO’s latest news, designs and collections through her social media networks. She will front NEO’s seasonal campaigns under its “Live Your Style” positioning, starting with Spring/Summer 2013 to debut in February 2013.

To compare, here’s the press release when Adidas made the announcement about Justin:

As adidas NEO Label’s new global style icon, Justin Bieber will inspire teens with the label’s fresh looks through a two-year partnership until end-2014. As well as sporting his favorite NEO looks, Justin will make appearances for the label in major markets throughout 2013 and share NEO’s latest news and collections through his social media networks. He will front NEO’s seasonal campaigns under its “Live Your Style” positioning, starting with Spring/Summer 2013 to debut in February.

Also, I’m not knocking on Selena for making some cash on the side, but does she really have to commercials for Case-Mate? It makes her look a little cheap & desperate, but we’re guessing the terms were too juicy to refuse.

“Hitchcock” L.A. Premiere: Claudia Lee Is Only 16?! NO WAY!!

Claudia Lee arrives to the 'Hitchcock' Premiere at Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles

Seriously, what the fuck? What are kids eating these days, anyway? Please tell me those things were a Sweet 16 birthday gift so that Claudia could terrorize all the older dudes she meets over the next couple years.

Apologies for posting her up b/c I honestly didn’t think she was 16 when I first saw the photos. I normally try to stay away from kiddies. FUCK, I now I feel all dirty.

Anyway, we’ll cut this short & end with Claudia’s Wiki (I reallly hope I have the wrong Claudia Lee):

Claudia Lee (born June 20, 1996)[1] is an American actress, singer and songwriter best known for her costarring role of “Magnolia Breeland” on the dramatic series Hart of Dixie, which airs on the CW Television Network in the United States and on other networks throughout the world. She is also known for her recurring role as “Bridget” on the situation comedy Zeke and Luther, which airs on the Disney XD channel and the Disney Channel in more than 50 countries.

Following Circus Girl, Lee won a recurring role in season 3 of the popular sitcom Zeke and Luther, a show about a group of teenage skateboarding friends. In that series, she played “Bridget,” a waitress in a donut shop and the love interest of the character “Luther” (Adam Hicks). Currently, she has a recurring role as “Magnolia,” the younger sister of “Lemon Breeland” (Jaime King) on Hart of Dixie, a dramatic series that airs on the CW Television Network and is scheduled to begin its second season on October 2, 2012. In August 2012, Lee was cast in the role of “Brooke” in the Universal Pictures motion picture Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall,[2] which will be based on the second volume of the Kick-Ass comic book series by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. The film is scheduled for release in June, 2013.

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