We Can All Thank Kim Kardashain For Making The Site Smell

Kim Kardashian shows off all of her assets in tight leather leggings and a white jacket, as she catches a flight out of LAX in Los Angeles

Like one of the captions in the gallery says, “You can almost feel it pushing up against your face!” God damn!! These were snapped yesterday as Kim donned bootilicious leather leggings to help show off her big ole booty as she catwalked through LAX to catch her flight out to Miami.

  • spanglylovesheels

    That turd cutter of hers looks gross in those leather pants.

  • she shouldn’t be wearing those pants

  • I’m a booty man..love to see women with a nice round perky booty..but that one is disgusting…and leather..I can just imagine how bad that smells..

  • xoo

    Leather pants make that butt looks awful.

  • the ugly truth

    Ewww. Does she really think she looks hot in those pants?

  • bryanzee

    Looks like her momma Kris forgot to change Kims diaper.

  • Only skinny chicks can wear leather pants and Kim isn’t skinny.