HAWAII: Bikini Pics!! Jennifer Lawrence Takes A Break From ‘Catching Fire’!

The cast & crew of ‘Hunger Games’ is currently filming the second film in the series, ‘Catching Fire’, in Maui. The beautiful Jennifer Lawrence was spotted out & about off the film set enjoying the fruits of her work environment. The 22-year-old actress showed off her amazing bikini body as she hit the beach for a dip in warm Hawaiian waters & even got in a workout to help stay in tip-top shape.

The first film in the ‘Hunger Games’ series which hit theaters back in March grossed nearly $700 million at the box-office—that’s a nice chunk of change considering the film’s production budget was only $78 million! The second film, ‘Catching Fire’, is set for a November 23, 2013 release.

Aside from box-office blockbuster, Jennifer Lawrence is already creating Oscar buzz for her role in “Silver Linings Playbook” alongside actor Bradley Cooper. Academy Award nominations is nothing new for the young actress following previous nominations for “The Burning Plain” and “Winter’s Bone,” so maybe third time will be a charm?! Let’s hope so b/c this chick seriously kills it on the big screen, regardless of whether she’s doing a cookie-cutter action flick or an indy drama.

‘Silver Linings Playbook’ Trailer:

Jennifer's Nike Workout Kicks

  • Charlie Cox

    I’m pleasantly surprised how good she looks in a bikini. It’s nice to see a curvier Hollywood starlet for a change.

  • Honestly

    I’d rather have a body like Jennifer’s than that of a Victoria’s Secret model.

    • bryanzee

      This just tells me you’re fat.

      • Honestly

        I just don’t find looking like a teenage boy attractive, sorry.

        • bryanzee

          Last time I checked teenage boys don’t have b cups….no idea wtf you’re talking about, fatty.

          • Nookies

            I can say first hand this is not true. If I smash my moobs together I reach at least a C with some pretty nice cleavage

          • bryanzee

            Happy Turkey day babygurl

          • Nookies

            u2 qt3.14

          • Honestly

            Is that with or without the push up bras and photoshop?

      • Nookies

        Lolol owned.

  • I think there are plenty of more attractive women out there BUT I agree with the 2 above posters that she is much more attractive and I find her much more sexually appealing than the typical skinny teenage boy with a boob job looking model.

  • bryanzee

    great ass from the side shot, she could use some toning up though, especially her tummy.

  • Nookies

    I’d stuff her turkey.

  • xoo

    That is a nice body,especially from the front.

  • I think the ass looks good

  • Fuzzy_Bear

    She looks good here and was stunning in a skin tight dress on the Tonight Show earlier this week.

  • Dustin

    I wouldn’t say her body is better than a VS model. it’s just different, you can’t even compare the two. She looks good, healthy and curvy(not flabby) but most(not all) VS models also look good, just in a tighter, longer way.