Something to be Thankful For: Alicia Keys, Singing the Theme from “Gummi Bears”

 Alicia Keys looks radiant as she greets a small group of fans while leaving ABC studios in New York City. The singer was making an appearance on "Katie" with Katie Couric to promote her new album "Girl On Fire."

If you aren’t stuck in the kitchen today all day with the turkey baster or trying to figure out how to lattice your apple pie, and you aren’t parked in front of the big screen watching college teams duke it out with a pig skin, treat yourself to the sound of Alicia Keys singing (of all things) the theme from the 1980s Disney animated series and classic The Gummi Bears. You can thank the quixotic musical stylings of Jimmy Fallon for this one.

Lest you need a refresher because it’s been a while since you tuned in to the Disney Afternoon, the Gummi Bears were an ancient race of magical bears who saved the kingdom of Dunwyn with the help of a magical elixir called Gummi Beary Juice. Humans (as they tend to) tried to steal the secret of the juice and use it for evil, so the Gummi Bears broke off all ties with humanity and went into hiding, leaving later generations of humans to think of the bears as only a fairy tale or children’s story. Naturally, a young boy finds the Gummi Bears one day and teams up with them for weekly adventures against the show’s resident villain and his ogres.

What’s next? Pink doing a rendition of the theme from Darkwing Duck? Or the Jonas Brothers covering the Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers title track? Those Disney folks never stop thinking, do they?

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