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Birthday Girl Kelly Brook Brings The Black Friday Links!

British model Kelly Brook is all smiles as she heads to a birthday lunch with her boyfriend Thom Evans

Kelly Brook turned 33 today. A big congrats to Kelly!

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Leftovers after a crazy Thanksgiving day in the NFL


Depending on how your team performed yesterday, you were either thankful they played or thankful that they were finally off your TV screen. Unfortunately I was part of the latter as my Cowboys decided to participate in their game until after halftime but we’ll get to that. First things first:

What was Jim Schwartz thinking when he threw the challenge flag? I understand that emotions sometimes make you do things that aren’t entirely logical but everyone knows that every scoring play in the NFL is reviewed. Even plays that are clearly TDs are looked at a couple of times over. The Texans took advantage of the break and rallied to tie the game late and take the victory 34-31 in OT against the Lions. The controversial scoring play didn’t doom the Lions, they actually scored another TD after that but it still lingered throughout the rest of the game and was one those obvious “what if?” plays. This loss essentially eliminates any realistic chances of the Lions participating in the postseason and it puts Houston one step closer to securing  the best record in the AFC.

The second game brought forth another classic NFC East rivalry game between the Redskins and Cowboys (isn’t that kind of ironic considering the holiday? Redskins against America’s Team?) but it can only be considered a game if both teams play in the first half. RG3 was spectacular (20-28, 311 yds, 4 TDs, 1 int, 29 rush yds) to lead the Redskins in beating the Cowboys 38-31 and suddenly put them in the running to win the NFC East. The Cowboys looked like a different team in the second half and rallied within one score but once again it was too big a hole that they’d dug themselves into. Both teams are now looking at Sunday night’s game, hoping for a Giants loss.

The final game on Thanksgiving between the Patriots and Jets was one-sided to say the least. How did the night go for the Jets? Well if Mark Sanchez getting tackled and fumbling because of his lineman’s ass (pictured above) doesn’t tell you, I don’t know what can. The game was over by halftime but particularly in the 2nd quarter when the Patriots scored 35 points, including 3 TDs in a span of 53 seconds. Tom Brady was crisp and the Patriots offense didn’t miss a beat even though they’re without Gronkowski, easily the best tight end in the league. As the Patriots finished the 49-19 victory many Tebow chants were heard from the crowd but once again, number 15 was not seen taking a snap.

Expect a Record Box-Office Over Thanksgiving Weekend

“The long Thanksgiving holiday could ring in record grosses at the North American box office if Wednesday’s turnout at the multiplex is any indication.”[THR]

Thanks to the staying power of major recent releases like Skyfall and Breaking Dawn-Part 2, as well as the addition of family friendly movies like Rise of the Guardians and Oscar bait like Life of Pi, Anna Karenina and Silver Linings Playbook, the Thanksgiving weekend box office is looking to be a record-shatterer if early estimates are any indication. All of the movies continue to do well at the box-office, especially Ang Lee’s epic Life of Pi which outpaced all expectations on its opening day. Rise of Guardians has not quite matched up to the mettle of its marketing expectations, but it should pick up over the weekend and take a sizable bite out of families who don’t want o sit through another viewing of the much better reviewed Wreck-It Ralph.

Box office analysts believe North American domestic grosses have the potential to reach $275 million, topping the previous record of $258.6 million set in 2009.

Fashionable Attendees @ Marie Claire Prix de la Moda Awards 2012

Ariadne Artiles, Carmen Xu, Isabeli Fontana, Juana Acosta, Olivia Palermo, Raquel Jimenez

Pictured: Ariadne Artiles, Carmen Xu, Isabeli Fontana, Juana Acosta, Olivia Palermo, Raquel Jimenez

The Marie Claire Prix de la Moda awards 2012 were held at the French Embassy in Madrid, Spain. So we don’t know exactly what type of awards are given out at this show but nonetheless there were multiple attendees so therefore we had a reason to post and make a poll because those are always fun. By the way, Isabeli Fontana has a feature in the Marie Claire (Spain), December 2012 edition. On to the poll…

Salma Hayek @ 2012 Bambi Awards in Duesseldorf, Germany

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek received some award in the Film International category at the Bambi Awards Gala at Congress Center (Stadthalle) in Duesseldorf, Germany. Also in attendance was Celine Dion but we’re sure you’re not interested in those photos so we focused on Salma who most recently starred alongside Kevin James in Here Comes The Boom in which she reveals that she actually tried to get a stand-in for the kissing scene claiming that her and Kevin are such good friends that it’d be weird, yeah, right. Our guess is that her Bambi Award wasn’t for Here Comes The Boom

“I did want a double for the kissing scene because I’m really good friends with his wife and children. I’ve been kissing people on the screen all the time, but we’re actually really good friends and the kids are good friends. It’s the kid thing. By the way, it was really weird because he’s actually a very good kisser! It was not a real kiss. It was through a fence. Nobody opened their mouth. But he does have good lips.” [Source]

London: Cheryl Cole Leaving Kimberly Walsh’s Birthday Party at Zuma

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole was photographed as she left Zuma restaurant in London after having celebrated Kimberley Walsh’s 31st birthday. So as you can see, even though the party was for her Girls Aloud bandmate, the focus was on Cheryl, no surprise, I guess. The ladies of Girls Aloud are working on their comeback tour along with the new single and album, an album, “Ten” that’s really just a Greatest Hits album re-packaged with a couple new tracks so don’t expect too much from it. Their new single “Something New” and album “Ten” are both available now. Check out the music video for “Something New” below:

Silver Linings Playbook: Film Review

Visit the film’s official website!

When life gives you lemons, you are generally expected to make lemonade. That’s the proverb, right? It sounds easy and straightforward, and most people would love to go straight from bad situation to positive outcome, but there’s that little teeny tiny bit of process in the middle that no one seems to ever bother mentioning. How exactly does one make the proverbial lemonade? This question is at the center of the superb new film from director David O. Russell, Silver Linings Playbook.

The set-up is easy to comprehend, but it is also fairly complex: Pat (Bradley Cooper) has what he thinks is the perfect life . . . until he comes home one day and finds his wife/love-of-his-life/reason-for-his-existence in the shower with another man. He goes berserk, commits a horrendous assault, and is sent away to serve time until he’s released on parole eight months later. Upon his release, he has to move in with his parents (played by Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver) who want him to get back on his feet. Problem is, Pat has no idea how to because he’s kind of like a bull in a china shop: he isn’t naturally angry or prone to outburst, he just simply cannot accept the terms of his life as they have become through what he thinks is no fault of his own.

Enter Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a young widow with a dark edge who is trying to fix her grief at the loss of her husband by “getting around”. It isn’t going so well for her, especially since the only thing anyone seems to like about her is her body. She is brash and tough and unapologetic . . . kinda like Pat. It seems like everyone wants them to get together, but they can’t really stand each other, and besides, Pat just wants to get back with his cheating wife.

Tiffany, it turns out, does need Pat, though not for her own psychological repair: she needs a dancing partner to help her train and enter a small-time competition that she has been angling to participate in. She offers Pat a deal: she’ll help him win back his wife if he helps her train for the dance competition. He accepts, a friendship is born, and then . . . well, then.

The plots movie with such a natural fluidity that you never question the structure or the sometimes jarring twists that seem perfectly natural in this tale of tattered and torn hearts. The concept of two wounded beings finding healing in each other is not new, but what makes the movie so utterly spectacular are the performances. Make no mistake about it: this is the best Bradley Cooper has ever been in any movie. He plays the part with such complete self-aware gusto that you can’t help but wonder where this marvelous actor has been for the last decade as he’s slummed his way through big budget romantic comedies and road trip movies. Jennifer Lawrence continues her march as Hollywood’s Best Young Actress by turning in a performance that belies her age, proving that she can do much more than simply be fierce and aggressive in movies like Hunger Games. The supporting cast of Robert De Niro, Jacki Weaver, Chris Tucker, and Anupam Kher also deserve special mention for playing their parts to the hilt. In fact, this is one of those rare movies where ever major players gets at least one chance to really deliver the acting goods – and then some.

The cast should clean up big time at next year’s awards ceremonies. Until then, do not miss this gem – it’s one of the year’s very best films.

Anne V. Spends Her Thanksgiving In A Bikini At Miami Beach

Anne V. - Bikini Pics

Russian supermodel Anne Vyalitsyna (Anne V.) rocked a tiny red bikini as she frolicked on the beach with her photographer and agent Ali Kavoussi. Using our Bastardly prowess, given Ali’s constant interaction with Anne we’re guessing that he’s slipping it into her on a consistent basis, whether it’s between a photoshoot that he’s conducting or a business meeting that he’s negotiating, Ali surely must have an all-access pass to Anne’s rockin’ bikini bod. We’re sure he was Anne’s “shoulder to lean on” after she split with Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, an easily vulnerable state to take advantage of and we’re sure once Anne found out Adam was giving it to Behati Prinsloo, Ali took advantage of that vulnerable states of emotions too. Lesson to be learned here, have as many titles/roles/responsibilities for potentially emotionally fragile supermodels, you’ll likely get benefited with regretful (from her perspective) sex on the norm.

Jennifer Lawrence Enjoys Thanksgiving Day In A Bikini On The Beach

Jennifer Lawrence - Bikini Pics

Jennifer Lawrence followed up yesterday’s bootylicious bikini photos with another visit to the beach on Thanksgiving Day as she’s currently on location in Maui filming Catching Fire Jennifer is reported to have hired a local security team to offer her 24 hour protection from guarding her hotel room door to joining her for walks on the beach with her brother. Anyway, since we’re in the midst of a long weekend, let’s hope that Jennifer doesn’t keep herself locked up in her hotel room and continues to make trips out to the beach. We could definitely use the visuals. If these photos aren’t satifying enough, there’s always the yesterday’s set of bikini photos. Check her out in Silver Linings Playbook, now playing in theaters.

Nahla’s Thanksgiving: Mommy’s New Boyfriend & Daddy Had A Catfight; Both Go To The Hospital; And, Daddy Goes To Jail

First of all, I’m very curious to see some video footage of French actor Olivier Martinez’s alleged Thanksgiving morning beatdown of French-Canadian male model & Halle’s ex Gabriel Aubry. I imagine a lot of slapping, hair pulling, scratching, chipped fingernails, bad breath, long bear hugs, cigarette breaks & spitting as both men cuss each other out in French.

The latest reports from bribed sources courtesy of deep pockets at TMZ are reporting that there was a scuffle in the morning at Halle’s pad that sent both Gabriel and Halle’s fiance Olivier Martinez to the hospital. There are photos of scratched knuckles on TMZ, so it looks like shit really went down! At the end of the day, Gabriel Aubry ended up in jail at around 5:30 in the afternoon & then was subsequently released after posting the $20,000 bail.

Since when did these rich people get all ghetto? We’re pretty sure the courts are going to screw over Aubry by limiting his visitation rights even more, but I wouldn’t automatically declare Halle the victim in all this simply because Aubry went to her home & got into a fight w/ her new man. All this was probably brewing for a while and simply exploded on Thanksgiving day when Aubry & Halle failed to compromise on how to divide up Nahla’s Thanksgiving day.

Ultimately Halle hit Thanksgiving dinner at her parent’s home w/ fiance Olivier Martinez & Nahla, while
Gabriel Aubry spent the day at the hospital & the jail. The biggest loser in all this is obviously Nahla, but according to those same bribed TMZ sources, Halle apparently rushed Nahla indoors before Olivier & Gabriel started their catfight.

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