Expect a Record Box-Office Over Thanksgiving Weekend

“The long Thanksgiving holiday could ring in record grosses at the North American box office if Wednesday’s turnout at the multiplex is any indication.”[THR]

Thanks to the staying power of major recent releases like Skyfall and Breaking Dawn-Part 2, as well as the addition of family friendly movies like Rise of the Guardians and Oscar bait like Life of Pi, Anna Karenina and Silver Linings Playbook, the Thanksgiving weekend box office is looking to be a record-shatterer if early estimates are any indication. All of the movies continue to do well at the box-office, especially Ang Lee’s epic Life of Pi which outpaced all expectations on its opening day. Rise of Guardians has not quite matched up to the mettle of its marketing expectations, but it should pick up over the weekend and take a sizable bite out of families who don’t want o sit through another viewing of the much better reviewed Wreck-It Ralph.

Box office analysts believe North American domestic grosses have the potential to reach $275 million, topping the previous record of $258.6 million set in 2009.