London: Cheryl Cole Leaving Kimberly Walsh’s Birthday Party at Zuma

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole was photographed as she left Zuma restaurant in London after having celebrated Kimberley Walsh’s 31st birthday. So as you can see, even though the party was for her Girls Aloud bandmate, the focus was on Cheryl, no surprise, I guess. The ladies of Girls Aloud are working on their comeback tour along with the new single and album, an album, “Ten” that’s really just a Greatest Hits album re-packaged with a couple new tracks so don’t expect too much from it. Their new single “Something New” and album “Ten” are both available now. Check out the music video for “Something New” below:

  • Bad makeup..everything else still looks good

  • xoo

    Don’t like that dark lipstick on her and her hair would look much better if it was a few shades lighter.

  • grgecdnbastard

    In before Fr…. Oh fuck it.

  • bryanzee

    Make up overkill.

    She doesn’t even need it, she’s one of the few who look great w.o it.

  • I’m interested enough to want to see her in a lot less clothes. Naked would be about right for making a decision.

  • This site used to be obsessed with her. I don’t really care much about her anymore.

  • Freep

    still first on a cheryl post? smh she’s so fine