NYC: Miranda Kerr & Baby Flynn Walked Off Their Thanksgiving Meal w/ a Stroll

Cute mother and son couple Miranda Kerr and Flynn seen enjoying a Thanksgiving day stroll together while out and about in New York City. The Victoria Secrets model was seen wearing some skinny blue jeans, dark winter coat and black and red heeled shoes while adorable son Flynn was rocking some fashionable trainers and a grey baseball hat while clutching some multi coloured balloons.

Where’s Orlando these days anyway? You’d think he’d take Thanksgiving off to spend w/ the family or maybe he’s off, but avoids being seen in public w/ Miranda & Flynn, even though that’s very unlikely. I guess he’s still helping to put the finishing touches on the upcoming film “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” which is set for a big release on December 14. Can’t wait, baby!!

Both mommy & son were seen enjoying a nice Thanksgiving day stroll while out & about near their Chelsea digs in NYC. The beautiful Australian model was seen wearing skinny jeans, dark winter coat and black and red heeled shoes while Miranda Kerr’s Mini-Pimp Flynn continued sporting his colorful kicks that we saw him wearing earlier in the week.

  • it’s cool that he cooperates with hats

  • I rarely see Miranda wearing flats, even when she’s just walking with her kid, I like that about her. Flynn is so cute, very pretty little boy.

  • bryanzee




  • cute kid..but he already has the makings of a spoiled brat…maybe another Bieber in the making..