Anne Vyalitsyna Vacations Wearing A Pink Bikini At Miami Beach

Anne Vyalitsyna Vacations In Miami

Thank goodness for Anne Vyalitsyna to helps us through another boring weekend. The Russian supermodel showed off her body in a pink bikini while spending the day on the beach with friends in Miami. If you recall Anne spent Thanksgiving workin’ her tiny red bikini on the beaches of Miami with her photographer/agent/FTF Ali Kavoussi. Thanksgiving weekend isn’t over yet Anne, so what color bikini is next? Perhaps the tiny green bikini or your other tiny blue bikini that you showed off during your last visit to South Beach with Irina ShayK?

  • Fuzzy_Bear


  • Bobby

    She looks gorgeous! Awesome body, naturally pretty, happy glow. She finally looks the way I always liked her to look, the way she does in her SI photo shoots. For a while there she was looking way too skinny as in this post, but now she is back to looking perfect!

  • like her better here

  • Clive

    Don’t know what makes this pics special as she looks like any other woman in a bikini

    • Moe

      She’s a…

      A. supermodel
      B. VS angel
      C. supermodel who has banged adam Levine

      I really think it’s C that made her most famous.

  • She’s not that good looking, average face with a 5head and body is nothing special either.

  • xoo

    Her body is cute. A bit too flat for my taste but it is pretty good. I miss that east european look on her.

  • bryanzee

    Isn’t this the chick who was married to Adam Levine?