Miranda Kerr Lookin’ Her Usual Stylish Self Catwalking In NYC

Miranda Kerr Heads To A Meeting In New York

Miranda Kerr continued to use NYC as her own personal catwalk as she was spotted post-Thanksgiving out and about heading to meetings showing off her “I can wear anything and look ridiculously stylish” look. We have no idea what her meeting was for but she looked damn good just getting out of her car. Even in 40 degree weather Miranda can still work the little skirt and we applaud her for that. Definitely gets one of our votes for 2012’s Most Stylish Celebrity.

  • her legs look great as usual

    • Fuzzy_Bear

      Beyond description…

  • That body is much too good for that Bloom clown. She needs to play the field and be the sexiest woman they ever had for many men.

  • err

    She always looks so well put together.

  • bryanzee

    Never disappoints.

  • if someone was to ask me to describe the word, sexy…I would simple say Miranda Kerr..