BREAKING!! Jessica Alba Feeds Parking Meter in Santa Monica!

Jessica Alba Takes her Daughter Honor Warren Shopping in Santa Monica, CA.

Jessica Alba was seen grabbing some weekend bargains at shops around Santa Monica with her daughter Honor. Even though she’s a millionaire many times over w/ her various projects, J.Alba still likes to find the deals! The mom & daughter duo also grabbed lunch while out and as always, Jessica looked pissed and annoyed at the papz.

And with respect to the MoeJackson’s 8th Year 1st Annual Awards, we’ll start showcasing candidates in the coming weeks & announce winners ahead of the new year (assuming the world doesn’t end on December 21, of course).

You’ll notice that in a few of the photos J.Alba is holding a Nokia Lumia cellphone powered by Windows. Well, she’s earning a lot of money for that product placement. Here’s her Windows Phone commercial…