Girl Power: Bella Swan Tops A Record Breaking Thansgiving Weekend Box-Office

Is it a sign of the times, or a sign of the apocalypse? Kristen Stewart was the Queen of the Box-Office for the second week in a row, topping James Bond, Abraham Lincoln, Jack Frost, and the Life of Pi tiger with an impressive $64 million to add its already impressive kitty.

Most movies in the top ten list outpaced analysts’ expectations and converged to make the biggest box-office over the Thanksgiving weekend ever. All told, Wednesday to Sunday saw a cumulative gross of $290 million at the North American box-office, besting the previous record of $273 million in 2009 when, coincidentally, Bella and Edward lured in the masses in New Moon. Surely, Hollywood is trying to figure out how to make yet another Twilight movie as we speak.

For those who are keeping track of the entire year as the 2012 movie calendar comes to a close, 2012 looks to be the biggest year at the box office as well in Hollywood’s history, currently on track for an estimated gross of $11 billion. That billion, with a “b”. You can thank The Avengers for that one.

The top ten films this weekend were as follows:

1. “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2,” $43.1 million

2. “Skyfall,” $36 million

3. “Lincoln,” $25 million

4. “Rise of the Guardians,” $24 million

5. “Life of Pi,” $22 million

6. “Wreck-It Ralph,” $16.8 million

7. “Red Dawn,” $14.6 million

8. “Flight,” $8.6 million

9. “Silver Linings Playbook,” $4.6 million

10. “Argo,” $3.9 million