London: Is Nicole Scherzinger Single Again? Spotted @ Nobu Last Night

Nicole Scherzinger leaving Nobu restaurant in Mayfair

The only reason we think she might be single again is b/c we rarely see her out with her consistently on/off boyfriend Formula One World Champion, Lewis Hamilton. Most other guys dating wouldn’t let Nicole out of their sight, but I guess Lewis Hamilton can enjoy that luxury. It’s also possible these two are non-exclusive, in which case Lewis Hamilton is one lucky bastard!!

Last night, a very stylish Nicole Scherzinger was seen catwalking out of Nobu last night wearing a sexy black dress. The “X Factor UK” judge, is being credited with the formation of the world-famous boy-band One Direction, so that definitely ups her street-cred when it comes to these singing competition shows. It’s not everyday somebody can say they where responsible for creating a $100 million boy-band, so props to Nicole.