Miranda Kerr Continues Catwalking Around With Baby Flynn in NYC

If you happen to be a Miranda Kerr fan, you better be enjoying the past 48 hours! It appears Orlando Bloom is busy working on an upcoming project these days b/c Miranda is spending a lot of time cruising around NYC with her son Flynn all by herself.

These latest photos were snapped earlier this morning as the supermodel mommy & her fashionable mini-pimp were making their way out their Chelsea digs to run some errands & in the process, make every other mom with a young kid feel like shit.

  • been seeing a lot of her and there is nothing wrong with that

  • Erika

    Just once, I would like to see her walking around in some yoga pants and running shoes. It’s kind of annoying that she’s always dressed up..not real. I like Jessica Alba better, she doesn’t look like she’s trying so damned hard.

  • bryanzee

    has dethroned Olga

    • Jay P. Pecker

      Olga Fonda? No way, Olga is hotter than Miranda.

      • bryanzee

        Kurylenko, but thanks for introducing me to another smoking hot brunette.

        Moe, Olga Fonda post please.