Fight For Nahla: Damn, Gabriel Aubry Really Got Beat Up; Looks Like Olivier Martinez Won

Gabriel Aubry & Olivier Martinez; Gabriel Aubry shows his badly bruised and cut face following his Thanksgiving Day fight with Olivier Martinez. Aubry sustained multiple injuries on his face as well as a broken ribs. Both parties have filed restraining orders against one another.

Following the big Thanksgiving fight for Nahla, both parties filed restraining orders against each other, but judging by the photos, I think Gabriel Aubry will win this latest battle. The guy seriously looks like he got ass raped in the face by Olivier Martinez’s fist.

If Halle Berry can stand by the side & watch her baby-daddy get beat up so badly, it kinda tells us a little about what kind of person we’re dealing with. No father, regardless of his inherent douchebagness, deserves to get beaten up for wanting to see his daughter on Thanksgiving. It’s really sad.

The photos of Gabriel Aubry are from Los Angeles Superior Court & the photo Olivier Martinez was snapped earlier today as the French actor was seen visiting Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills to get his hand checked out.

  • i bet he won’t show up starting trouble again, he learned an important lesson

  • Poor if you’re going to go pick a fight at least know how to defend yourself..or at least hide your face..oooooweeeeeeeee, what a shiner…

  • Tapper

    It’ll get interesting in a hurry if his claims of being attacked by Olivier turn out to be true.

  • If my face looked like that I’d be too ashamed to step out side let alone let somebody take of picture of me.

    • Moe

      hey, if it’ll give you a one-up in a long-running custody battle, getting your ass kicked might just be worth the pain & embarrassment

      • McP

        Yep. It’s a custody battle. This may give him an advantage to wrest custody from Halle. I hope he succeeds. Let that bitch go to France, without the kid.

      • McP

        Not to mention, a civil lawsuit against Martinez. Well played, Aubry, well played. Go get ’em.

  • Erika

    So Martinez is claiming that Aubrey attacked him when all Oliver has is a swollen hand? LOL hmmmm…I’m no math expert but 2+2…

    • bryanzee

      You know the person who starts a fight can still be on the losing end…….seems like he started a fight he couldn’t finish.

      • 100%, he showed up looking for trouble and unfortunately for him he found it

  • Erika

    Any woman who tries to take her child away from her father is a self-centred, crappy mother. Gabriel seems like an involved, loving father. I hope this blows up in Halle’s face.

    • LaLa


    • Moe

      It’s all going down in L.A., so I doubt the judge will rule against Halle Berry

    • what do you base that opinion on? we have NO idea who is a good or bad parent

  • olesolskjaer

    Holy fuck shit, Oli Martinez is crazy.

  • olesolskjaer

    I hope he didn’t beat up Nahla’s Dad in front of Nahla. That’d be traumatic for the little girl.