BREAKING! Hilary Duff Steps Over Parking Curb Carrying Two Handbags!

Hilary Duff, wearing a large brimmed hat and scarf, does her best to keep a low profile as she exits a pilates studio in Los Angeles. Aside from Pilates, Hilary takes time off from mommy duty to make a stop at Chris McMillan Salon.

Along with the normal curbs on sides of roads, we’re extending our Celebrity Curb Watch coverage to include parking curbs found in various parking lots around town. We didn’t really know what these slabs of concrete were called at first, but thanks to Yahoo Answers, we’re fairly sure they’re called parking curbs. As you guys know, we’re in the business of delivering value when it comes to wasting your time. We don’t want you bastards to just waste time reading bullshit celebrity news & gossip when you can see photos of your favorite celebrities walking up & down curbs, in & out of coffee shops or taking shortcuts while out & about by walking on the grass.

These latest photos of Hilary Duff were snapped yesterday afternoon as the former Disney star-turned-NY Times bestselling author was seen keeping a low profile as she left the Pilates studio in Los Angeles. Aside from getting back into shape, the 25-year-old actress also stopped over at the Chris McMillan Salon in Beverly Hills.