Izabel Goulart Workin’ Her Sexiness at Vogue Launch Party in Madrid

Izabel Goulart

In shocking news, Izabel Goulart outshined Irina Shayk at the Vogue December Issue Launch Party at Palacio Fernan Nunez in Madrid. What more can we say to Izabel’s outfit than OW! This makes Izabel’s second straight red carpet where she’s dressed to impress. Most recently she walked the runway of the 2012 VS Fashion Show and worked it for the VS After Party. Could Izabel finally getting a bigger push? Needless to say she’s a constant fixture of hotness on this site.

  • why is her face so bad

    • Bobby

      what do you mean? isn’t she gorgeous…I think so.

    • Moe

      you can’t drop a bomb like that without some specifics….

      • Bobby

        that’s what I’m saying

    • I just don’t think she is pretty, not elite in the face at all

      • bryanzee

        prettier than your precious Sofia V.

  • I think she’s okay…she’s got all the essentials for a nice hot passionate night with her…I’m sold..

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  • Is anybody having the same problem?

    • olesolskjaer


  • lenilovesfeet

    I feel weird picking on a model’s looks but Izabel’s face is not my cup of tea. I don’t like her smile and nose. Great hair though.

  • She is damn hot!