L.A. CURB WATCH: Ben Affleck Hits Dentist w/ Daughter; Gets A Parking Ticket!

'Argo' actor Ben Affleck and his mom take his daughters Violet and Seraphina to a dentist appointment in Los Angeles on November 27, 2012. When Ben returned he had a parking ticket.

These were snapped yesterday as Ben Affleck is busy playing daddy these as his wife Jennifer Garner is currently filming “The Dallas Buyer’s Club” in New Orleans. The “Argo” star was accompanied by his mom as he was spotted taking his daughters Violet & Seraphina to the dentist in Los Angeles. Sadly, when he returned back to his parked Land Rover LR4, Ben spotted the parking ticket on his windshield.

With various holiday-related expenditures, let’s hope the guy can scrape together the money to pay off the ticket. As most of you know, Ben’s latest film “Argo” hit theaters earlier this month, so these days he’s just sitting at home unemployed like millions of other once-hardworking Americans. Thankfully, Jennifer Garner is making a steady wage on the set of her new film, but she too has to make ends meet while managing an extended stay in New Orleans. We can only pray that the Afflecks have a great holiday season.

Going somewhat off-topic: Who had a chance to see “Argo” in the theaters recently? I checked it out over the weekend & I was thoroughly impressed. Great piece of work–especially John Goodman! The guy definitely deserves some love at the Academy Awards, damn it!!

Ben Affleck's Land Rover LR4

“Argo” trailer: