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NYC: The Woman Who Lindsay Punched (Tiffany Eve Mitchell) w/ The Links!

Tiffany Eve Mitchell, Lindsay Lohan's alleged assault victim, leaving the 10th Precinct in New York City with her husband

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Wizards finally win; Rondo fights Kris Humphries and other headlines around the NBA

It’s only been a few weeks of NBA basketball but the Wizards were already beginning to be the butt of jokes around the league, starting at a horrendous 0-12 but they finally broke that streak as they got their first victory in a close game last night over the Trailblazers 84-82. My favorite pun about the Wizards being win-less was their name change to the “Lizards” because you know, their team only has Ls. Anyways, now that the Wizards have finally got their first victory the bigger question is, when will their NEXT win come? They have a few tough games in a row (at Knicks, Heat, at Hawks, Warriors) but then they go to New Orleans who still might be without their rookie sensation Anthony Davis. If the Wizards aren’t able to win that game, they’re looking at another tough stretch and it won’t be until the 3rd week of December until they face an opponent that they can compete against. Of course this is professional basketball and upsets do happen throughout the season but 1-21 is a really possibility for these Wizards. Keep an eye out for that.

The Brooklyn Nets were in Boston last night, taking on the Celtics in what could be seen as two of a few teams that can take down the Heat in the eastern conference. The game started out with some good basketball, both teams playing well but the Nets began to pull away in the second as just as the Celtics began to cut into the lead a fight/skirmish occurred between PG Rajon Rondo and F Kris Humphries. The incident occurred after Celtics forward Kevin Garnett took a hard from Humphries and Rondo (right next to the play under the basket) wasn’t too fond of the foul so he basically tried to retaliate in defense of his teammate. Were Rondo’s actions uncalled for? Yes and no. It was ok that he stood up for his teammate but Rondo was too aggressive and it resulted in himself and Humphries being ejected. Anyone who has played sports knows that sometimes in the heat of battle, tempers flare but this was an important game for Rondo as his assist streak was on the line. A little less emotional next time Rondo. Gerald Wallace of the Nets was a little too aggressive while trying to break up the fight so he also earned an ejection from the referees. Also, Paul Pierce got his ankles broken by Joe Johnson during the 4th quarter.

James Harden returned to OKC for the first time since the trade to the Rockets but his return was spoiled pretty quickly by the Thunders’ defense and Durant’s 37 points. Not only did Harden shoot bad (3-16) but he also had six of his shots blocked by his former team. While other teams seem to be taking the spotlight early this season (Knicks, Lakers, Nets etc.) i’m not surprised to see the Heat cruising along where they left off last season. This is their title to lose so we’ll see how other teams respond because when the Heat are next on a team’s schedule, it’s the biggest test of the season. The Heat are the best team so far, followed closely by three powerhouses in the western conference (Grizzlies, Spurs, Thunder) and my fifth best team is…the Brooklyn Nets. Don’t get mad at me Moe, I know your Knicks are doing well to start the season but i’m going to wait until Stoudemire’s return and see how that goes before I include them in the NBA’s elite.

Quick reminder: NFL action tonight as the Saints visit the Falcons. If you’re not feeling that game there two good NBA games tonight as well (Spurs at Heat; Nuggets at Warriors) so there’s plenty to watch tonight for sports fans. Enjoy!

Here’s the fight:

NYC: Victoria Justice @ Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Victoria Justice

So by our estimation, Victoria Justice was the most noteworthy guest at the 80th Annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at Rockefeller Center in NYC. Amongst the others to perform, including Victoria, were Mariah Carey, Cee Lo Green and Rod Stewart with appearances by Billy Crystal, Bette Midler and The Muppets. The tree will be up until January 7th. After that, the tree becomes lumber for Habitat For Humanity.

NYC: Miranda Kerr Takes Flynn Along With Her For A Shoot

Miranda Kerr and son Flynn in New York city. The little dude accompanied his mom at a shoot in the Meatpacking District.

Once again, excuse the multiple Miranda Kerr posts, but the Victoria’s Secret model was spotted hitting up a photo shoot in NYC’s Meatpacking District with her little pimp daddy by her side. Last night she was rocking leather short-shorts, so it’s nice to see opted for warmth by going w/ leather leggings to help fight the morning cold. I’m pretty sure Miranda’s days in NYC are numbered only because she normally spends her US winters basking in the beautiful summers of Sydney. I have a feeling she’s waiting to attend “The Hobbit” NYC premiere with her hubby Orlando Bloom & then will disappear for a month while she enjoys the holidays in Australia.

On a side note: When will Miranda make her appearance on a “Sesame Street” video w/ Flynn? If Matt Lauer can appear on “Elmo’s World” w/ his daughter, then why can’t Miranda Kerr, damn it? Needless to say, I’m pretty sure that DVD will sell like hotcakes.

So Wait, Ashlee Simpson ALREADY Has A New Man in Her Life?!

Ashlee Simpson takes her son Bronx Wentz to the Lego store in New York City, where he emerges with a new toy and lots of goofy faces as they cross the street.

After breaking things off w/ “Boardwalk Empire” actor Vincent Piazza over Thanksgiving weekend, Ashlee Simpson is already cruising around w/ a new man. Maybe one of you bastards can help I.D. the guy.

Whoever he is, he’s apparently very comfortable around Ashlee’s son Bronx b/c he’s already using the “Sit-On-My-Shoulder” maneuver that dudes use when they want to show their new girlfriends that they would make a decent father figure. If this isn’t the new man in Ashlee’s life, then he’s definitely a gay friend that Ash confides in during difficult times. At the end of the day, does anybody actually give who’s banging Ashlee Simpson?

2012 Stylish Celebrity of the Year Miranda Kerr Went Out Last Night

The always stunning Miranda Kerr braves the winter chill with black leather short shorts, a green sweater, tights and a pea coat, while heading out in New York City.

It’ll take a major snowstorm & below zero temperatures to force ultra-stylish Miranda Kerr in to wearing boring winter clothes (Note: boring winter clothes in Planet Miranda Kerr is still probably hotter than most people’s regular wardrobe), but the Australian supermodel mommy left her baby boy Flynn w/ the nanny when she catwalked around NYC last night wearing black leather short shorts, a green sweater, tights and a pea coat. Simple, sexy & always stunning. This woman needs to capitalize on the style thing by launching her own brand—CHOP CHOP!

The Hobbits Are Back: Fans and Critics Go Apesh*t

“A large international press contingent and others were the first to see the film at a screening Monday night, but were under a strict embargo that kept people from commenting on or reviewing the film before the end of the premiere.”[THR]

What has a sweltering hot winter sun, a hundred thousand fans, and one very important ring? The New Zealand premiere of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which was held in Wellington on Wednesday afternoon.

Fans, critics, and even the cast and crew of The Hobbit saw the film for the first time at the famous Embassy Theater where press and critics were forbidden from commenting on the film until the premiere had officially concluded. If the early and very brief reviews (or “tweets”, really) are any indication, the next Peter Jackson trilogy will leave few disappointed: “Masterful”, “Perfection”, and “Brilliant” were some of the enthusiastic descriptions released on Twitter after the end of the film. One fan even went to so far as to proclaim: “I just saw and enjoyed the shit out of The Hobbit. It’s great.”

Stay tuned for the official Moejackson review when the movie releases in two weeks on December 14. Until then, enjoy the trailer below:

Here’s some footage from the premiere in New Zealand:

Killing Them Softly: Film Review

Visit the film’s official website!

Personally, I would blame The Godfather. Since it first released in 1972, gangster movies about the mafia and underworld dons have fascinated American film audiences with their glamorized visions of allegiance, big money, and absolute power. The fact that it is all built on a foundation of murder, revenge, and bloodlust is often swept under the rug in a fit of “well, it’s just a movie” dismissiveness. But man, do we love to see hordes of men in fancy suits get gunned down. Death in an Armani suit: what a way to go.

The latest “gangsters are cool” movie doesn’t star stalwarts like Pacino, De Niro, or the late great Marlon Brando. It stars Brad Pitt, who is generally fodder for historic dramas or action movies. What’s he doing in a movie like this? Turns out, not much…except maybe getting out of diaper duty.

The plot is pretty threadbare, even as revenge fantasies go. Pitt plays an “enforcer” who is called in to set things right when a group of small-time bad guys steal from a card game run by the mob. Pitt, doing his best attempt at being as badass as a Midwestern pretty boy pushing 50 can possibly do, spends most of the movie driving other bad guys around so that they can shoot at bad guys who already, magically happen to be at the wrong place at the right time. The baddies include well-known commodities in the gangster genre like James Gandolfini, Ray Liotta, and Vincent Curatola. Just listing their names is enough to make me want a couple of cannoli.

What it isn’t is enough to sustain the movie. It’s pretentious without ever giving a nod to why it thinks it’s rooted in such tremendous pedigree. Why, we have Tony Soprano, you can hear the producers proudly cooing from their nests. Yes, you do. And good for you!

As the third Godfather proved, heavyset second generation Italians with an endless supply of bullets does not a great movie make.

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