Brad Pitt’s “Killing Them Softly” Is the Biggest Bomb of the Season


“After receiving a rare F CinemaScore from moviegoers, Brad Pitt’s independent crime drama Killing Them Softly opened nationwide to a soft $7 million.”[THR]

Audiences, it turns out, will forgive a lot of things (just ask Elizabeth Tylor), but they won’t forgive everything (just ask Mel Gibson), and one thing they find unforgivable is casting encroaching-upon-middle-age heart throb and mega movie star Brad Pitt as an uncouth brutish enforcer in a sucky movie about fat mobsters that makes little to no sense and doesn’t even star Al Pacino. At least that’s the explanation being bandied about Hollywood this morning to explain away the resounding failure of Killing Them Softly, which also stars genre heavyweights James Gandolfini and Ray Liotta and barely opened with $7 million in its debut weekend. Even worse, that awful teen vampire movie kicked its butt at the box-office!

Pitt’s own production house Plan B made Killing Them Softly for $15 million and was distributed by the Weinstein Company. Knowing Harvey Weinstein as we do, we might want to warn Pitt and his ever-growing brood of kids that they might be the object of a real life enforcement deal to make sure Harvey recoups his investment. Maybe Angelina should don her Salt get-up and start kicking distributor don booty?