How Many Weeks Will Taylor Swift’s Relationship w/ One Direction’s Harry Styles Last?

Harry Styles & Taylor Swift Spend A Romantic Day In The Park

Why would any guy want to sleep with a chick who gets around as much as Taylor Swift? I mean, this is with the assumption that Taylor puts out each time she dates somebody new, of course. Plus, this Harry Styles dude has an all-access pass to worldwide booty & he settles on TAYLOR SWIFT, of all people? What the fuck is he smoking? It’s very possible that Taylor’s a total freak behind closed doors and her sexual freakiness wouldn’t be surprising at all if you account for the experience she gets as a chronic dater (again, assuming she puts out & isn’t a total flirt during these relationships).

These latest photos were snapped yesterday afternoon after the rumored couple took a romantic stroll through Central Park in NYC. We don’t know why it’s still a “rumor” that Taylor Swift is dating this dude b/c isn’t that what she does every couple weeks?! If these two aren’t together then maybe Taylor’s feeling him out first before she embarks on her usual three-week relationship. Whatever the case, for Harry’s sake, let’s just hope he’s getting some & let’s also hope he dumps her in such a way that he can have a shitty song named after himself. Ow!