IT’S OFFICIAL: Royal Honeymoon Period Ends; Kate Middleton & Prince Willam Expecting First Child

**BREAKING NEWS** NEW BABY ON THE WAY!! Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton announce they are expecting their first baby, who will be third in line to the throne. The Royal couple got married in 2011. Both are aged 30.

As if people didn’t already know, but Prince William & Duchess Kate Middleton made it official by announcing that they’re expecting their first baby, who will be third in line to the British throne. As it happens so often, their fairytale marriage will face its biggest challenge during the pregnancy, as well as soon after once life changes. Even with their army of nannies, life won’t get any easier, especially when you add the media element to the mix. Plus, didn’t Prince Charles’ marriage to Princess Diana start its downward trend once she became a mother? Then again, Prince William seems too damn boring to sleep around behind Kate’s back, but hey, anything is possible, right? Whatever the case, we wish them all the best.

While we wait for the leaked Royal Ultrasound Photos to appear inside French & Italian magazines, anybody want to take a stab at possible Royal Baby Names? It’ll probably be a boring one like Elizabeth or William or maybe Kate will have her way & get to choose something normal (very doubtful)?