Katy Perry @ The Carole King Music Celebration in Hollywood

Katy Perry

Photo Credit: WENN

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Katy Perry was amongst the attendees at a celebration of Carole King and her music to benefit Paul Newman’s The Painted Turtle Camp held at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Since we did a quick Google search on Katy to find something to write about this event we can report that she’s wearing a Yves Saint Laurent gown and an Amrapali necklace. Also, following her performance, she was given a kiss by none other than Jack Nicholson. Other attendees include Alicia Keys and Danny DeVito. [Source]

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I'm not normally a boob man but Katy gets my attention.  She's not JLH but she is pretty darn good. 

skilligan like.author.displayName 1 Like

she looks amazing here

Mundolopez like.author.displayName 1 Like

Looks good..I think Russell Brand is an idiot for letting this chick go....

MoeJackson moderator

@Mundolopez Dude, I really think this chick is annoying---especially w/ all the ultra-conservative christian bullshit.

He needs to include Katy in his comedy act, damn it.