NYC: Adriana Lima Leaves SoHo House Wearing North Face Jacket

Adriana Lima seen leaving the SoHo House

Adriana Lima seen leaving the SoHo House in the Meatpacking district and took a moment to snap a photo with a fan. In case you missed it, the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired last night on CBS; however, the photo coverage has been up for almost a month. Ramping up the hype for the televised broadcast of the fashion show, Adriana and Alessandra made their rounds in NYC yesterday including The Morning Show.

Adriana’s contibution to our coverage of the 2012 VS Fashion Show:

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  • bryanzee

    Miranda was MIA =(

    • bryanzee That’s because Miranda spent today with Terry Richardson. I’m torn. It means more great Miranda pics, but it means more Terry Richardson. Don’t ask how I know these things.

      • Bozz

        Gabbo How do you know these things?

        • Bozz Gabbo I said not to ask. Stomp stomp stomp. Hi Bozz. Glad to see you back.

        • Bozz

          Gabbo lol I was just teasing you, anyway, hey to you too Gabbo!

  • saniante

    beautiful face ugly legs.

  • MoeJackson

    It’s always nice to see Adriana!
    Let’s just hope she starts having protected sex bc you’re young only once damn it!!
    Damn you, MARKO!!!

  • skilligan

    most naturally beautiful woman in the world

  • errsome

    Adriana is such a presence.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    Watched the show a day late. Not really that impressed. They are all beautiful leggy women but they flash past the camera so fast it just becomes a blur of color and sparkle. I would enjoy long, lingering closeups from head to toe…perv style. 
    This onion news brief says it better than I can:,30626/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=standard-post:headline:default

    • MoeJackson

      Spanglylovesheels Hilarious.

    • errsome

      Spanglylovesheels Hahahahaha.