Harry Styles Has Dinner With Taylor Swift & Dianna Agron; Sleepover #3 Was Last Night!

Ladies man Harry Styles is seen having dinner with pop starlet Taylor Swift and 'Glee' star Dianna Agron at the Crosby hotel in New York City. One Direction singer Harry was swamped by rabid female fans while outside the hotel. Harry and Taylor have been seen out all week in New York as they have been out to dinner and seen holding hands while walking in Central Park. Could this be the start of a new pop romance for the pair???

I know nobody gives a shit about this, but each sleepover Harry Styles hits up at Taylor’s hotel simply solidifies her in our Harlots category (formally known as Sluts & Whores). We don’t know if these two are actually getting it on each night or just staying up real late watching TV, ordering room service—OK, scratch that—these two are totally fucking!

Before hitting up Taylor’s hotel last night, Harry had dinner w/ Taylor & her girlfriend, “Glee” star Dianna Agron, at the luxurious Crosby hotel located in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood. While highly doubt, we can’t confirm one way or another whether a threesome went down. We hope Harry at least took a stab at the possibility of a threesome by taking a few late night tequila shots following dinner, but that’s also unconfirmed. Maybe they rendezvoused back at Dianna’s hotel suite & played drunken Twister? Who knows…

Also, why doesn’t Taylor get off her high horse one of these evenings & actually hit up Harry’s hotel? Don’t tell me the dude is staying with all One Direction bandmates in the same suite b/c if that’s the case, Simon Cowell really needs to treat his cash cow a little better.