Jessica Alba & Daughter Honor Return To L.A. After A Fashionable Trip To London

Jessica & Honor Arriving On A Flight At LAX

As most of you gossip fiends know, Jessica Alba was enjoying a week long vacation in London with just her daughter (as well as her nanny). The mother/daughter duo spent a few days enjoying some of that money that’s currently flowing into Jessica’s various bank accounts. They hit up all the sights, did a ton of shopping and judging by the photos, it appeared as if Honor was learning how to act while in the spotlight. In a few of the photos Honor looked like a mini version of Jessica wearing a designer winter coat & leather boots, as well as carrying her own crossbody purse and pink umbrella in a few of the photos.

In the gallery, we’ve also included a selection of photos of Jessica & Honor over the past week as they were spotted out & about in London:
Jessica Alba & Honor Fashionable Trip To London

  • xenia

    Honor wore a cap,a scarf and open shoes? Ehm..?! Jessica makes some..interesting..lookin children.. Read somewhere she’s pregnant again.

  • Lol at the caption..

  • skilligan

    that smile again, its unreal

  • Spanglylovesheels

    I have a feelin that Honor will be a real bitch in a few years. She already has her Mom’s gift of scowling and not smiling. She is cute in a very fugly way.

  • McP

    Her kid is even uglier with fur.

  • WeeItsNookies

    Fucking faggots attacking a child. Have you no morals?