Joanna Krupa at The Voli Light Vodka’s Holiday Party in Hollywood

Joanna Krupa

The Voli Light Vodka’s Holiday Party might have been hosted by Fergie but it’s Joanna Krupa that stole our attention. Joanna was an attendee to the event benefiting Cell Phones for Soldiers along with Fergie and our favorite Bai Ling but big props to Joanna for posing it up a little for the camera and by that we really mean giving us a nice backside shot. Earlier in the week, Joanna was jet-setting in Poland where she hosted some casting for Poland’s Next Top Model. We’ve got some shots of that in the Gallery for your viewing pleasure. As for her personal life with our favorite Twitter friend Romain Zago, looks like they’re definitely still on so no need to hit panic button on that front.

  • The ugly truth

    Too many beauty surgeries to be hot.

  • skilligan

    very sexy in that dress

  • Still good to go, what happen to the guy that was all over her the other day? anyway, she’s got a Hot Bod..

  • raiders1988

    @joannakrupa lol just quick question was there seat shortage cuz you sat on few guys laps lol

  • CelebrityFind

    @joannakrupa @ReveBoutique @Holt @moejacksoncom @VoliSpirits Fabulous look!

  • pprata23

    @joannakrupa @ReveBoutique @Holt @moejacksoncom @VoliSpirits wow!

  • MoeJackson

    It’s interesting how all these messages from twitter are coming into the mix…

  • curvefan

    I became a fan when I saw her having sex in the ocean the other day.  You got to give it up for a sexy woman that gives it up upon request.