NYC: Taylor Swift Not Happy About Harry Styles Kissing Girl @ Jingle Ball Concert

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles (center)

Considering Taylor Swift will need pretty much any excuse to restart her never-ending searching for her next man, we’re sure this photo of Harry Styles kissing a cute reporter chick on the red carpet will suffice. The music industry’s latest cookie-cutter couple of the moment are reportedly dating with rumors of Taylor & Harry Styles of One Direction recently spotted making out in public somewhere in NYC (we’d try to do some research on this rumor, but does anybody actually care?). If the make-out session did go down as reported, I hope Harry understands that he just made out w/ half of Hollywood & countless other nobodies from around the globe.

The duo were on the red carpet (separately) at Z100 Jingle Ball Concert in NYC that went down earlier in the evening (Friday, December 7). The fact that Harry walks out of Taylor’s hotel each morning should convince them that their relationship is no longer a big secret, but I guess they wanna play the cute game a bit longer. It’s also possible that Taylor is refusing to make things official b/c that’ll lock her down with one man for at least the next 2-3 weeks and we all know that raging fire between her legs needs constant action & stimulation from different penises in order to maintain its strength.