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Erin Heatherton Victoria’s Secret Bikini Photoshoot in St. Barts!!

Erin Heatherton - Victoria's Secret Bikini

For those who haven’t made their travel plans yet or even for those who have, time to pay those change fees to your airlines because it’s Victoria’s Secret Bikini Photoshoot Week in St. Barts!! Remember when we saw the combination of Erin, Doutzen, and Candice beautifying Miami a few months back? Well, looks like the ladies are back to work on location following the 2012 VS Fashion Show. So using our creepy bastard radar, this sighting of Erin can only mean one thing… Candice coming sooon. OW!!

Claudia Romani vs Claudia Galanti: Two Bikini-Clad Claudias in Miami Matchup

Claudia Romani, Claudia Galanti

It was bound to eventually happen, frequent guest to the site Italian model Claudia Romani & two-time mommy Paraguayan model Claudia Galanti were both spotted on Miami Beach earlier this afternoon strutting their bikini bods. The former is 30, while the Momma Galanti is 31.

Obviously, both ladies are equally beautiful in their own right and the fact that Claudia Galanti has two kids & looks like this is a glaring testament to her current state of hotness, but I’m pretty sure I know where this poll is headed…

Beyonce Hits Up Art Basel 2012 in Miami Beach

Beyonce Shows Off Her Legs At Art Basel Miami Beach 2012

A very leggy Beyonce Knowles was seen wearing a short floral romper as she hit the Art Basel 2012 contemporary art fair in Miami Beach yesterday afternoon. It’s basically an art fair for the super rich to overpay for really freaky pieces of “art” that cost way too much money. We included a few of the pieces in the gallery, so make sure you check it out.

Aside from bagging the Super Bowl halftime gig, earlier this afternoon, Pepsi and Beyoncé announced a global partnership that will ultimately have Beyonce co-producing songs & starring in upcoming TV commercials. She last worked with Pepsi back in 2002, except this time it’s in a more global capacity and probably has Miss B raking in countless millions in compensation. This pretty much confirms that there will be a big Beyonce Pepsi commercial during the upcoming Super Bowl.



HAVE A COUPLE HOURS TO SPARE?! Why not read one of my favorite short essays, ‘On Art’ by Leo Tolstoy

Watching Miley Cyrus Break Out Of Her Child-Star Handcuffs Is Kinda Fun

Miley Cyrus Performance in Bondage Gear (ADDS)

Ok, Miley Cyrus moved just one step closer to releasing her own sex tape in her continued her desperate attempts to break from her child-star past & become an adult star. I feel like she’s taking the whole “adult star” thing a bit too literally especially when you consider her latest performance at dubstep deejay Bongore’s Christmas Creampies concert in Los Angeles. We’re assuming she did this deejay Bongore a favor by donning some scandalous bondage gear & shaking her lil’ boobies on stage alongside nearly naked chicks. I gotta admit, this looks more like a performance at your local strip club, but hey, nothing’s wrong w/ that, right? At the end of the day, we’d like give a shout-out to Miley & her team and let them know that they’re on the right path… OWW!!

MIAMI: Russell Simmons Enjoys Sugar Baby Hana Nitsche at the Beach

Russell Simmons & model girlfriend Hana Nitsche

For all us regular dudes, photos like these simply give us hope that if you work hard & earn your millions, you can eventually find happiness. Sure money can’t buy you happiness, but a healthy dose of Buddhism & a few hundred million in assets can definitely bring a smile to a man’s face. OW!

These latest photos were snapped over the weekend as Emperor Sugar Daddy Russell Simmons continued enjoying the fruits of his labor as he frolicked on the beach with his model girlfriend Hana Nitsche. While the 55-year-old music mogul did some stretching, Hana was busy practicing a few modeling moves on the sand. I feel like the only moves Hana needs to practice are those Russell likes to perform behind closed doors b/c if she can get ole Russ to tie the knot with her, who the hell needs to model for a living?!

A loved up Russell Simmons and his model girlfriend Hana Nitsche enjoy the warm weather as they get close during a day at the beach

Claudia Galanti Still Showing Off Her Bikini Body In Miami Beach!!

Claudia Galanti

Claudia Galanti continued to show off her tight MILFilicous bikini bod as she enjoyed the day on Miami Beach once again with her on Liam. The sexy Paraguayan model has pushed out two kids with the second coming this past June. Pretty impressive bounce back for under six months. We tried to avoid posting photos of her son because really all we wanted to focus on was that nicely tanned little booty. Let’s hope Claudia’s sugar daddy funded bikini vacation isn’t over yet.

BREAKING!! Hilary Duff Walks On Grass & Feeds L.A. Parking Meter!

HILARY DUFF in Glowing Spandex as she heads to Pilates

Most recently we saw Hilary Duff strutting her body alongside hubby Mike Comrie at a March of Dimes’s luncheon held this past Friday in Beverly Hills. Judging by those photos, you can tell that Hilary’s daily trips to Pilates and the gym is paying off. She could’ve just as easily shelled out top dollar for a lil’ nip & tuck like 95% of people in her zip code, but she choose a more natural approach. We gotta commend her for the effort & even though the haters don’t think so, we think all the hard work is paying off.

As for the post, congrats to Hilz for killing two birds with one stone & getting featured in two of out Internet exclusive categories that we painstaking closely follow so that you guys will always know which one of your favorite celebrities is walking on grass, feeding parking meters, & most importantly, which foot they’re using to go up & down curbs in major cities around the globe!!

Micaela Schafer at 6th annual Snow Mobile 2012 Event in Austria

Micaela Schaefer

It seems like it’s been a long time since we’ve had Micaela Schäfer camera whoring the red carpet but here she is at the 6th annual Snow Mobile 2012 event in Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Austria. Not really once of Micaela’s greatest hits in terms of red carpet outfits but it’s nice to see that she’s still getting gigs. Granted it must’ve been a little cold so we couldn’t expect her to show up wearing something similar to her EURO 2012 Germany supporter outfit. Check out all of her greatest red carpet hits in Micaela’s juicy barely clothed category.

BREAKING!! Jessica Alba Runs Errands With Her Girls!

Jessica Holding Haven; Walking w/ Honor & Haven

Probably a photo-op (especially the one with Jessica holding the Target basket), but hey, at least she’s hanging out with the littlest one, Haven, after enjoying a week-long vacation in London with her older daughter Honor. When you’re world-famous actress w/ a few nannies on call 24/7, it’s not too difficult to take week-long trips with one of your kids.

The photos of Jessica in the boots were snapped on Saturday as the actress was seen treating both her daughters to lunch Tavern before hitting up Target. The following day, J.Alba & her girls were seen leaving a Los Angeles breakfast joint. Where the hell is Cash during all this time or maybe the poor guy’s not being photographed?

Jessica Alba Takes The Girls Out To Lunch And Shopping

Cheryl Cole at Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball at O2 Arena in London

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole and the rest of the Girls Aloud ladies made their apperance at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball held at the O2 Arena but also Cheryl was spotted leaving The Rose Club with her mother, brother and boyfriend. That’s where we want to put our focus. So does this count as a wardrobe malfunction, a strategic move, or Cheryl just being stylish? Whatever the case, no complaints on the see through shots. Whatever the case we can also report that given the low ratings of X-Factor, Cheryl is set to return as a judge in 2013 so there’ll definitely be more Cheryl come the new year.

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