Claudia Galanti Still Showing Off Her Bikini Body In Miami Beach!!

Claudia Galanti

Claudia Galanti continued to show off her tight MILFilicous bikini bod as she enjoyed the day on Miami Beach once again with her on Liam. The sexy Paraguayan model has pushed out two kids with the second coming this past June. Pretty impressive bounce back for under six months. We tried to avoid posting photos of her son because really all we wanted to focus on was that nicely tanned little booty. Let’s hope Claudia’s sugar daddy funded bikini vacation isn’t over yet.

  • Backwoodsman

    Better pics than her last set, but still, something’s off.  It’s almost like her assets don’t fit her frame.  I’m all for skinny, and while I don’t mind well proportioned curves, this package just doesn’t leave me wanting more.  Probably wouldn’t kick her out of the bedroom though…

  • lkjskldjfkljds

    One of the pics shows an obvious butt implant on the right cheek. EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

    • TheGaul

      lkjskldjfkljds Totally. Looks like she got a boob implant in her buttcheek.

    • MoeJackson

      lkjskldjfkljds butt implants are for real?! I have a feeling those might be stretch marks. You might have look at the HQ for a closer look…

      • lkjskldjfkljds

        MoeJackson lkjskldjfkljds 
        stretch marks don’t protrude like that.

      • lkjskldjfkljds

        MoeJackson lkjskldjfkljds 

        • brutal honesty

          lkjskldjfkljds MoeJackson oh my god… EW

  • skilligan

    i adore her body

  • curvefan

    I wouldn’t turn her down but she is too skinny for my taste.