BREAKING!! Hilary Duff Walks On Grass & Feeds L.A. Parking Meter!

HILARY DUFF in Glowing Spandex as she heads to Pilates

Most recently we saw Hilary Duff strutting her body alongside hubby Mike Comrie at a March of Dimes’s luncheon held this past Friday in Beverly Hills. Judging by those photos, you can tell that Hilary’s daily trips to Pilates and the gym is paying off. She could’ve just as easily shelled out top dollar for a lil’ nip & tuck like 95% of people in her zip code, but she choose a more natural approach. We gotta commend her for the effort & even though the haters don’t think so, we think all the hard work is paying off.

As for the post, congrats to Hilz for killing two birds with one stone & getting featured in two of out Internet exclusive categories that we painstaking closely follow so that you guys will always know which one of your favorite celebrities is walking on grass, feeding parking meters, & most importantly, which foot they’re using to go up & down curbs in major cities around the globe!!